Maggid offers such wonderful learning experiences that we’ll continue it next week. We paused, however, to talk about chametz and matzo.

The children already knew (from our Pesach story wall and Pesach songs) that the Jewish people had to leave Mitzrayim so fast that they didn’t have any time to bake yummy bread like challah. The only food they had time to make was a cracker called matzo. But what does time mean to a young child?

So we decided to make both challah and matzo to help the children understand the difference between chametz and matzo. We started with challah. First, we read the ingredients chart very slowly. We mixed the wet ingredients. We had to wait for the yeast to bubble. Then we mixed the dry ingredients together and finally, we combined the wet and dry ingredients. This took such a long time!! We looked at the dough to see how big it was.

The next day we again showed the children the dough. It looked bigger! Now it was time to make individual challah rolls. We made 3 snakes with the dough and braided or used our hands to squish it into balls. We used pastry brushes to “paint” the rolls with an egg to make it shiny. It was a lot of work and took a long time!

We began the week with chametz and ended with matzo! We looked at the ingredient list and saw that challah has a lot of ingredients and matzo only has two. Challah is soft and big and matzo is flat.

As we have been doing throughout our preparation for a Pesach, the children did every step of making the matzo themselves, including washing and drying the rolling pins. We looked at the recipe for matza and noticed that we only needed two ingredients- flour and water- and the challah had needed so many more ingredients! We learned that in order for matza to be kosher for Pesach it needed to be made fast fast fast! In less than 18 minutes!! That was so short! The challah took us all day long to make!!

The children worked fast fast fast as they poured, mixed, rolled and poked their own matzot.


They couldn’t believe their eyes!! And they tasted it too!!

We can’t wait to bake matza again on Tuesday when Rabbi Rosenblum brings the matza factory to IBECC. ALL our students are welcome to come to school for the day on Tuesday to enjoy this special experience.

Not only do we love the slide at the playground, we like to wave at the garbage truck as it passes by!


Enjoy the challah roll your child made at your Shabbat table.

Wishing you a joyous and peaceful Shabbat,

Morah Sherry and Morah Blimie