New picture/word cards, with Pesach-related words, were placed in our basket.  When a child is in just the right mood to write, she will be motivated to take on all the new words.  Ella was in just such a mood and worked very hard and completed all five cards – Paraoh, Moshe, Miriam, Yocheved, Batya, and Yam Suf.  Way to go, Ella!



With Pesach right around the corner, our class has produced the last few pages of their Haggadahs. There was matzah to be made, a bunch of plagues to reproduce, happy Israelites celebrating their freedom, and even a live (and photographed) reenactment of the Israelites crossing through the parted Red Sea (Yom Suf).  The children were really very open to the whole experience and enjoyed working on the various pages.  They also had a great time participating in our Seder and remembering the names of each part of it.  And of course they love play-acting and portraying Bnai Yisrael and their great escape!

Though painting was involved, this was not part of the Haggadah.  Using our beautifully vivid liquid watercolors, the children created free-flowing designs for their Afikoman bags.  This was step one.  The next step will be to sew them together.

Yay, what fun – the Matzah Factory paid a visit.  Our participants had much to do to prepare the Shmurah Matzah.  They were required to extract the seeds from the wheat stalks, grind the seeds with the little grinding stones (Lauren experienced a great deal  of enjoyment turning that handle), Ezra got to pour the measured-out flour which was then mixed with just the right amount of water, everyone rolled out the dough till it was quite thin, and then Simon helped score the dough with the special tool. All this was accomplished within the prescribed 18 minutes.  This provided a nice snack with a little bit of strawberry jam.

The children act out the crossing of Yam Suf in their costumes.

The children practiced writing the upper-and-lower-case “Jj”.  We also found some cool videos that shared the initial “J” sound using a rap song technique.  This gave great practice making the sound.