Another five-year-old has joined our class – Ezra turned five this week!  So, of course, we knew we would have fun baking for his party.  Ezra chose vanilla cake.  He measured and poured, checked eggs for blood spots, and mixed it all together.  Then everyone lent a hand to mix up the batter thoroughly. There were yummy smells wafting through our hallways.  Next, we wanted to prepare a lovely gift for Ezra.  The children glued cut-up pieces of colorful napkins to a wooden box.  There were several pretty designs which created a decoupage treatment to the box.  It was modge podged to protect its surface and a picture of Ezra was the finishing touch.  The cupcakes and box were presented to Ezra at our class party.  Then, his mother Amy read a Pesach story and the party culminated with a happy game of Bluebird, Bluebird Through My Window.   The children have really learned this game well and barely needed any directions.

Hebrew this week introduced the letter Lamed.  The children practiced forming this letter, and several others they’d already learned, using their bodies in yoga-type positions. They cut out pictures and words with the lamed sound and learned the vocabulary – heart- lev, clown – leytzan, and lulav.

Dara Dinur, kindly lent her time and expertise to us, to help us make challah.  Since the children experienced making matzah with the visit of the Model Matzah Factory, we thought it a good idea to contrast that with the much longer process of baking challah.  Again, they were able to measure the ingredients including flour, sugar, yeast, warm water, oil, eggs, salt.  The dough rose and we punched it down and let it rise again.  We decided to wait till the next day to roll out the dough to form rolls or mini-braided challahs.  Again delicious smells permeated the building.  We are sure you will enjoy their challah rolls at home for Shabbat.

Enjoy a joyful Shabbat with your families.                                                                                                             Morah Yafit and Morah Fran