Now that our parsley plants are now under a hydroponic lamp, we talked about how this lamp acts like the sun to help plants grow. We also noticed that some of the plants are growing more quickly than others.  It was fascinating to observe the children’s reaction.

We have finished our Haggadah covers. The children dot dotted it and glued on four cups of wine and three Matzohs just like we have at our Seder table. They chose from different materials and glued them on the wine cups. They are very beautiful.

On to pillow talk! We talked about whether we use pillows at home, whether they are big or little, and if they are soft. We then discussed how we lean on pillows at the Seder to remind us that we are free to rest, play, and enjoy wonderful dinners with our families. First, the children painted the pillowcases with fabric paint (these pillowcases are washable, although we suggest washing them in like colors on a cold setting.)

The children had many opportunities over the past few weeks to get familiar with the food symbols that are found on a seder plate. After looking at a real Seder plate, they made there own. They chose a color of paper and a doily and had fun sticking sticker pictures of the items on the doily. They have become very adept at using their pincer fingers to peel and stick. We try to use different skills and muscles for each activity. The actions we use are to strengthen muscles to help with writing skills.

The Jewish people are free! Together with the 3s, we re-enacted the crossing of the Red Sea. It’s hard to believe it’s only a week until Pesach begins!

Paroah ( Rabbi Mischel) Made a guest appearance at our Shabbat music time. We sang Pesach songs and danced to the music.


Wishing you a joyous and peaceful Shabbat


Morah Sherry and Morah Blimie