The Butterflies (the Twos) invited The Sunflowers to experience the Exodus from Mitzrayim. By using blue tarps to represent water, the children crossed through the Red Sea as if they were B’nai Yisrael leaving Mitzrayim.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  Playing musical instruments, singing Pesach songs, and just being happy to be free were just a few things the children enjoyed  best.

Everyone one has spring on the mind.  The hint of warmer weather has been a great ray of sunshine for everyone; especially the Sunflowers. The children took out the Play-Dough and were making caterpillars and flower among other fun things.

With four school days left before the Passover holiday, the children continue to review the Passover story, the order of the Seder, and of course, sing all the wonderful Passover songs. We are sure that the children are looking forward to participating in the Seder this year.

Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom.

Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, Morah Debra