After having let their creative juices flow, painting free-form designs with liquid watercolors, the children engaged in an activity requiring precise methods to achieve the desired results.  They sewed up the sides of their paintings with a plastic needle and the color yarn of their choice.  This activity required good fine motor skills and the ability to repeatedly place their needles in the proper position.  All of the children were able to accomplish this after a few attempts.  They then were able to create an even more attractive stitch, by reversing the direction of their initial stitches.  The completed project resulted in an attractive Afikomen pouch.  We hope all our families enjoy using it at their Seders.

We had the opportunity to again join, Morah Jill, for a rousing round of Pesach songs.  It was a lively time, with special props and movements.  The children jumped like the frogs in Egypt and we even got to bounce a giant matzah ball on our Yam Suf parachute!

Our Gan Tziporim Beauty Shop!

Some of the children decided to set up a Seder table, complete with tablecloth and table settings and good food to eat.

The children continued to practice the phonetic “Jj” sound with words such as; jar, jaw, and jet.  We also read the book, Jump! The Sound of J, by Cynthia Fitterer Klingel and Robert B. Noyed, which presented a story using the “J” sound in a rhyming format.

Our school-wide Model Seder was a great success!  The children followed the order of the Seder by singing the special song.  They were involved with the Seder from start to finish.  Our class set the table, laying out the plates, napkins, and cutlery.  They participated in all the songs, story-telling, and especially the eating!  The potatoes in salt water was really popular.  The children had a wonderful time and so did the Morahs.

We wish all our families a Chag Pesach Sameach.  Enjoy your families and Seders.                                        Morah Yafit and Morah Fran