Our last few days before the Pesach break have been very  busy.

We finished the pillows we’ll use at the Seder. Stuffing them was a great exercise in eye-hand coordination. We also transformed shopping bags into works of art fitting to hold all of the materials the children will use during Pesach.

We peeled the eggs that all our IBECC friends ate at the model Seder. This fun activity was a wonderful way to practice our fine motor skills.

It was also time to clean our classroom. The emptied sand table made a great “bathtub” in which to wash our favorite playthings.

We sang lots of Pesach songs with Morah Jill and even played “bounce the giant matza ball!”

Once our classroom was clean, it was time to put together our feather, spoon, and candle so we learn how to search for chametz at home. The children took turns sweeping the Corn Chex chametz with a feather onto the spoon.


The highlight of the week was the school-wide model Seder.


Wishing you a Zissen Pesach – a healthy and happy Pesach filled with family, love, and laughter. We look forward to seeing how much the children have grown and hearing all about their Pesach adventures when we return to school.

Morah Sherry and Morah Blimie