Pesach is only 3 days away.  The Sunflowers have been so busy getting ready.   They enjoyed a picnic on the carpet to eat the last of the CHAMETZ.   It was so much fun.  After our picnic, the Sunflowers enjoyed a school wide Model Seder.   Everyone was eager to share all the wonderful Pesach facts that they learned.  The 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s gathered around the tables and went through the entire Seder.

  1. Kadeish קדש – recital of Kiddush blessing and drinking of the first cup of wine
  2. Urchatz ורחץ – the washing of the hands
  3. Karpas כרפס – dipping of the karpas in salt water
  4. Yachatz יחץ – breaking the middle matzo; the larger piece becomes the afikoman
  5. Maggid מגיד – retelling the Passover story, including the recital of “the four questions” and drinking of the second cup of wine
  6. Rachtzah רחצה – second washing of the hands
  7. Motzi מוציא, Matzo מצה – blessing before eating matzo
  8. Maror מרור – eating of the maror
  9. Koreich כורך – eating of a sandwich made of matzo and maror
  10. Shulchan oreich שלחן עורך – lit. “set table” – the serving of the holiday meal
  11. Tzafun צפון – eating of the afikoman
  12. Bareich ברך – blessing after the meal and drinking of the third cup of wine
  13. Hallel הלל – recital of the Hallel, traditionally recited on festivals; drinking of the fourth cup of wine
  14. Nirtzah נירצה – say “Next Year in Jerusalem!”


Morah Pam hid the AFIKOMIN. All the children went to look for it and it was Maggie who  found it.

Morah Aimee and Morah Debra were so brave and ate MAROR, real horseradish,  and they LIKED IT!!!  The children opted to eat the romaine lettuce.

The children eating their way through the Seder was the best part.  It was incredible to see what voracious appetites everyone had.  Would you believe that everyone still had room for lunch?!

The children had a wonderful time working on all their special Pesach ritual items and are excited to share them with you and your families, along with sharing in the Seder.  Please enjoy.  Wishing everyone a CHAG KASHER V’SAMEACH.