With the holiday of Yom Ha’Atzmaut next week, we have started explaining how important Israel is to the Jewish people and how we celebrate being able to live in Israel after having had to leave it for so many years.  We also discussed how each country has a flag and showed them the American flag.  Then we showed them what the Israeli flag looks like.  We told them we will have a little parade next week in honor of the holiday, and they can march with the Israeli flag.  The children were presented with a variety of materials to use to make their own Israeli flags.  They had a choice of the Star of David to place in the middle of the flag and then had many choices of how they would make the two stripes on the top and bottom of the flag.  They chose from scrunched up pieces of blue tissue paper, blue beads, and blue tiles.  They did a fine job gluing their pieces along the lines.

We learned that in the city of Tzfat many people have been inspired by the Torah and the nature that Hashem has created. This special northern city in Israel has an Artist Colony and many people create magnificent pieces of art using all different mediums. Our children also had the opportunity to create free-form art work.  Some chose to draw pictures of the flowers in springtime.  Others created collages using leftover pieces of the fingerpainted Yam Suf. And still others made geometric designs or drawings from their imaginations, such as volcanoes. We are setting up our own Art Gallery and we will spend time reflecting on our masterpieces.

Morah Yafit, taught the children the Hebrew letter “Nun”. They learned these new vocabulary words: Leopard – Namer . Candles – Nerot. Shoe – Naal.  They then cut out the pictures to go along with the words.

The letter “Dd” was introduced this week by the puppet Daisy Dinah Dog.  The children love to interact with the letter puppets.  Daisy Dog brought along the surprise letter box, and introduced objects beginning with the initial phonetic “Dd” sound.  She brought along a dinosaur, a doll, a dress, a dollar, a duck, a deer, and a dish. The children guessed the names of the objects and practiced reciting the initial “Dd” sound.  They each picked up one of the items and told everyone what they were holding.  Afterwards, they were given the large straight line and large curve wooden pieces, to put together to form the upper-case “D”.  They enjoyed forming other letters with the wooden pieces too.  Then they traced the curve of the upper-case “D” and then traced four letter “Ds”.