Welcome back to school. We were thrilled to greet the children on Monday. We loved hearing from all of the children what they did over Pesach break.

We started off our week talking about birthdays in honor of the upcoming celebration of Yom Ha’atzmaut. Just like Mommies, Daddies and children have birthdays, so does our very special country called Israel. The children loved to listen and look at the pictures of our book about Israel.

As we travel through some cities in Israel our first stop is Yerushalayim. The Kotel is a very special wall that was surrounding the Beit Hamikdash many years ago. The Kotel is now all we have left. It is a place where people daven to Hashem for things that they need, like being healthy. People place special personal prayers/tefillot on notes in between the cracks of the stones. We decided to create our own version of this special wall. Using foam squares, we dipped them into brown paint and created bricks on our paper. When the paint was dry, we worked hard to build our wall. The children will have the opportunity to tell us what they want to daven for and we will write it down and hang it on our very own Kotel.

Using brick blocks during free play, many Kotel walls were built.

We enjoyed special music time with Morah Aimee and our puppets. Singing and dancing with friends is always fun.

Stay tuned for more on Friday.

Morah Blimie and Morah Sherry