The children all had a wonderful Pesach vacation.   We all sat around on the carpet and listened as each child had a chance to share their special moments.  Everyone had a turn holding a cylinder block as they told the class their favorite activities they did over Pesach.  When they finished sharing they passed the cylinder to the next friend for them to share.  Mexico (spring break), the zoo, and the park were just a few places the Sunflowers went to over vacation.



After everyone shared their experience, it took no time for the children to reacclimate to the routine in the classroom.  The children had no problem playing on the carpet with the cars and playing a game at the blue table.   Their creative juices were flowing even after all those days off.


Everyone enjoyed celebrating JJ’s birthday in class on Tuesday.   JJ turned four over Pesach so we were happy that we were all able to share in his big day.  The children all enjoyed the yummy fruit salad and books that JJ’s mom read to the class.   The Sunflowers were also excited to be able to meet some of JJ’s relatives especially from Israel.   It was wonderful to meet people who live in Israel as we began talking about YOM HAAZMAUT,  Israel Independence Day.


The children can not get enough information about Israel.   They were introduced to what the map of Israel looks like and where some of the cities are.   They were shown Eilat, where you can swim with the dolphins and scuba dive, and Jerusalem where the KOTEL is, and can not wait to learn where more cities are and what they are known for; in the meantime, parents, you will have to wait for another blog.

Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, and Morah Debra