We want to wish Morah Sherry a big mazel tov on the birth of her first granddaughter. What a beautiful Simcha. Morah Aimee will be with our class. The children are quite comfortable with us as she is always joining us for singalongs and fun adventures.

Our plane flew us to Tzfat another city in Israel. Tzfat is known for its museums and art galleries. We showed the children different pictures of art and noticed how the artists used color and different paint strokes. Sometimes you see the brush strokes and sometimes you don’t. We mentioned how in Tzfat you can walk down the streets and see how they sell some artworks on the streets in Tzfat.

And then the children were so excited to become artists themselves! They each glued on different white and blue materials onto their very own star like on the Israeli flag. They dot dotted a foam square and glued on their star to make a 3D masterpiece. Using a camera the children looked at their hung up masterpieces and pretended to take photos of them, just like tourists.

Our next stop on our flight was to Tel Aviv. We compared Tel Aviv to busy New York City. There are many workplaces and many cafes and even ice cream stores. Our classroom table turned into a work office. The children took turns telling us what their mommies and Daddies do for work. Our play kitchen area was transformed into a cafe. The children took turns buying and eating food. Of course, we paid with Israeli coins.

Working in offices and restaurants made the children hungry. We stopped to make ice cream just like they have in Tel Aviv. We made vanilla ice cream with blue sprinkles to represent the colors on the Israeli flag.

Dancing with Israeli flags brought lots of joy to our music time.

We can’t wait until next week to find out more about our special Land of Israel.

Wishing you a peaceful Shabbat.

Morah Blimie, Morah Sherry and Morah Aimee