The Sunflowers said ABRACADABRA and they made art.  Not just any art but BLACK MAGIC.  There is a special paper that is all black and when you scratch it off it reveals a rainbow of colors.  You are able to make so many different pictures.  The children enjoyed this activity so much, Morah Debra showed the children how to make the BLACK MAGIC PAPER so we will never run out.  You color different colors on a paper and then color over them with a black crayon and then scratch of the black crayon off to reveal the colors underneath.  Then, of course, use your creativity to make beautiful art. This activity reminded us of the city in Israel named Tzfat. Tzfat is well known for all the artistic opportunities and the art galleries.

Continuing our trek through Israel, the next city that the children learned about was Tel-Aviv.  Tel-Aviv is close to Jerusalem and is known for industry, technology, and its nightlife.  It also has beautiful beaches.

After another wonderful discussion about Israel and how important Israel is to us, one of the children asked where MITZRAIM was, so we showed the class where MITZRAIM (Egypt) was on the map.  The children couldn’t believe how close together the two countries are.

At one table Morah Debra had the children begin making our own versions of the KOTEL. They took cardboard pieces and painted them brown. As you can see the children were very hands-on with this project.  At another table, Morah Pam worked with the children on another magical project.  The children glued special pictures about Israel on a BIG piece of paper and then covered the entire paper with blue paint.  When the paint dried the children peeled off the pictures and VIOLA! You will have wait to see the gorgeous magical result.

The children also built the Kotel using every single block we have in our classroom and with rocks when the children went outside to play.

The Gumball man and the Happy man are the newest additions to our letter recognition songs.  It has been truly wonderful to see, that even with the Pesach break, how well the children have encoded the alphabet and are nearly able to recite the entire alphabet, and have retained the words to all letters songs.  The children are always excited to sing these songs and learn the new ones.

Not only can the children recite the English alphabet, but they can also recite the Hebrew alphabet.  Although we do not have songs to sing for our Aleph-Bet, the children are learning vocabulary words for each letter.  We are up to the letter DALED.  DELET (door), DAG (fish), and DEGEL (flag).   When reviewing these words, every time the word DEGEL is said the children get up and run to the giant ISRAELI FLAG we have hanging up in our classroom and point to it.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Shabbat.

Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, and Morah Debra