Our airplane flew us to another city in Israel called Eliat. Eliat is known for its beautiful beaches. Using blue dot dots the children created a big ocean to hang on our wall. They chose from different types of fish and used liquid watercolor paints and Q-tips to create colorful fish for our ocean just like they have in Eliat. Playing with real sand and shells made us feel like we were at a real beach.

Our next step was to make an Israeli flag so we can dance with it in our parade on Thursday. First, we looked at the American and the Israeli flags and noted their similarities and differences. We noticed they both have colors and shapes. We saw that they both have blue and white and also stripes. Next, the children began to create their own version of the Israeli flag. We had available different textured blue strips and the children enjoyed putting on a Jewish star and gluing them all on together. Come pass by on Thursday morning and watch us be the parade!!

We enjoyed singing, dancing and shaking our tambourines with Morah Jill.

We made Morah Sherry Mazel Tov cards in honor of her becoming a grandmother. The children were very proud of the drawings they made on the card and they used glue sticks to glue on the Mazel Tov words.

Springtime is here. The children love to dig outside and make plants, they even pretend that it’s ice cream and have an ice cream stand. The slides are always enjoyed with our friends.

Thank you to the Sternberg family for sending in a healthy snack for the class.

Morah Blimie, Morah Aimee, and Morah Sherry