We boarded our plane one last time to Israel for our school wide Yom Ha’ Atzmaut event. Our first stop was in the pre k room. Tel Aviv was set up in their classroom. The children’s really loved having ice cream or ice pops and chocolate balls from their cafe for snack. Of course, we used Israeli money to pay for it.

Our next stop was to Tzfat which we found in our art studia. The children looked at the different artwork hanging up from the different classes. Some art had different materials glued on it while others had markers and paint.

Our next stop took us to the three’s class which had turned into Yerushalayim. The children drew on a paper what they wanted to ask Hashem for and hung it up on the Kotel wall.

Our last stop was Eliat in the Exploration Room which was prepared by our very own class. It really felt like we were at the beach. We loved making sand castles in the pool filled with sand and digging with shovels in our sand table. Looking at the fish on the wall reminded us of the ocean. We explored and used a magnifying glass to see the seashells up close.

The children were so proud to wave their flags, dance and sing with the Rabbi in our Israeli Day Parade.

All that traveling made us hungry. We tried falafel, a popular food in Israel.

We also prepared for Mother’s Day this week. We said just like Israel has a special day that we celebrate, we have a special day called Mother’s Day to celebrate our Mothers and give mommy extra hugs and kisses to say thanks for all that you do for us. We talked about what our mommies do for us like pack our lunch, make sure we have clothes and go to work. The children each told us something they love about their mother. We printed it out and they taped it onto a beautiful heart that they decorated with different color heart stickers. The heart is the shape we focused on this week. Some children were able to draw a heart using chalk outside in the playground. We sang the “I Love You” song with the children all week.

We had celery with cream cheese for snack this week. And we learned a really cool trick!! We noticed that if we dip the bottom of the celery stalks into red paint they make beautiful roses on our special apron present for mommy. No worries! We used one part of the celery for our artwork and a different part for eating!!!

Another thing mommies can do is bake with us. We baked cupcakes in honor of Mother’s Day. We measured the ingredients and poured it in our bowl and took turns mixing it.

The children picked the color of the gift bag they wanted to put their beautiful creations in for their moms. They glued on a happy Mother’s Day picture and twisted flowers on the handles on the bag, all with such love.

Wishing you a peaceful Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Blimie and Morah Aimee