The Sunflowers could not believe how much the caterpillars changed over the weekend. They went from eating and crawling around to curled up in their chrysalis.  Morah Rachelle came into our classroom and showed us that now that the caterpillars have made their chrysalis it was now time to move them to a bigger habitat to become butterflies. Morah Rachelle took the cap off the container where the caterpillars had been busy eating. The had now planted themselves on the cover to begin their metamorphosis into a butterfly. Next, Morah Rachelle placed the cap onto a special stand which was placed into the butterfly habitat.  Now we have to wait until the chrysalises open and out will come beautiful butterflies. Waiting for the butterflies are slices of oranges for them to eat.   The butterflies will drink the juice from the orange slices.  The children were in awe over seeing all these changes and cannot wait until the butterflies arrive.

The sunflowers began a unit on UNDER THE SEA.  All the children were able to answer the question of WHAT LIES UNDER THE WATER IN THE OCEAN?  There are fish, sharks, dolphins, sand, and rocks just to name a few things.  The children enjoyed making a starfish and octopus and cannot wait to make a jellyfish and so many more fish as we will be making a mural for our UNDER THE SEA unit.  The children sat so nicely as Morah Pam read a few books regarding the ocean. SWIMMY  By Leo Lionni was a favorite. Morah Pam read it three times!  that’s how much we love the story.

Stay tuned for more exciting times in the Sunflowers.

Morah Pam and Morah Debra