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First Week Sprouts Camp

We had a fabulous first week. Our theme was music, The children made percussion instruments from water bottles filled with noodles. We filled the bottles with noodles and drops of different colored paint. The children shook the bottles to paint the noddles and make music. The children also danced around with tambourines.

The children played outside in the water with sprinklers, water tables and toys! They had a great time cooling off from the hot sun The kids enjoyed music with Jill as they danced around with puppets, guitar music and little toy bugs. They absolutely loved holding the puppets. They had a fabulous time in music class and were beaming with smiles and laughter listening to music,The children had a great time playing in the indoor gym with cars and ride on toys. They also played in the exploration room with the train table and sandbox. They had an amazingly time together playing and laughing with smiles all around!

The children loved playing the the playground. We slid down the slides, drew with chalk and popped bubbles that the Morah’s blew.

The children loved celebrating Shabbat. We drank grape juice for kiddush. The challah was so yummy to eat.

Looking forward to another fun week.

Shabbat shalom,

Morah Lauren, Rachel, Lilly and Macky

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Sunflower music week in camp

What a fun filled week we had! Our theme this week is music. Our first instrument of the week was shakers. We filled our water bottles with blue and white marbles and shook them to hear the sound it made. It was very loud. We used paintbrushes to glue on colorful tissue paper to decorate it. We transformed cds into cymbals. With our friends We painted on oak tag by pressing our symbols into paint and them onto the paper. The children realized that when two paint colors mix together it makes a whole new color. Adding white shaving with paint also makes it turn into a different color . The children loves squishing their hands in the paint and shaving cream. The children’s art work is hung up in our room for all to admire.

Our next instrument we made were drums. The children used paintbrushes to glue on different material to decorate their drums. Everyone had such good fine motor skills while stringing the beads onto their drum sticks.

Our favorite music teacher Morah Jill came to sing with us. We sang with animal puppets, lady bugs, American flag wands and a big and small tambourine. Big in Hebrew is gadol and small is katan. Morah Jill played a game using the Hebrew words of big and small to let us know which tambourine we should shake. We even got a chance to play on her guitar.

Water play is so much fun. Some children said it felt like they were in Florida. They ran threw the sprinklers and laughed the water felt cold. They Filled up buckets with water and spilled it out. They played with toy fish and cups and shovels in the […]

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Sunflower camp

We were so happy to welcome our friends to camp.

We hugged our friends, ran through the sprinklers. We joined the sprouts group and used buckets and shovels with the water table.

We played with blocks,animals, kitchen set, play dough and had story time.

This week is music week. We made our first instrument of the week. We filled our water bottles with blue and white marbles and shook them to hear the sound it made. It was very loud. We used paintbrushes to glue on colorful tissue paper to decorate the outside of the bottle. The children loved squishing their hands in the glue.

We cant wait for more of our friends to come to camp!

Morah Blimie, Rory, Macky

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Sprouts camp

The campers had a great 1st day! Lots of smiles all around as we engaged in our weekly theme of music. We sang some Twinkle Twinkle and Old MacDonald as we played outside at our water tables and sprinklers!

Morah Lauren, Rachel, Lily

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Gan Tziporim- Final Touches

The last project of the year is a worthwhile one, because it is a present for the fathers.  It is good for the children to think about other people and to be aware of all the thoughtfulness and care their fathers bestow upon them.  It is also good for them to think about and show their appreciation to this important figure in their young lives.  The children have always shown interest in the insect world.  They love to check on the worms in the park and enjoyed the whole caterpillar/butterfly experience.  They have consistently been “reading” the Eric Carle book, The Grouchy Ladybug.  It is a very popular book in our classroom.  So we merged the bug interest with Father’s Day and came up with our project.  It is a simple concept, but cute, and will be a constant reminder to Dad of who made it. It involved painting and working slowly and super carefully, in the execution of the gift.  Can you guess what it is from the pictures?

The children have also been preparing the last birthday present for the year.  Emily will be celebrating her fifth birthday later in June after school is over. But we wanted to celebrate with her!  So the children decorated her treasure box, cutting and gluing on pieces  of beautiful and colorful napkins

What’s a birthday celebration without a cake?  So, of course, the children were happy to whip one up.  This was their eighth time making one.  They are experts in measuring, pouring, mixing, and checking the eggs for blood spots and shells.

We had just enough time to introduce the letters, “Mm” and “Nn”.  Most of the children understand the idea of the initial phonetic sound of […]

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The Sunflowers are Truly Ready to Enter Gan Tziporim

The Sunflowers were very excited to return to school after a long weekend in which we celebrated the holiday of Shavuot.  To get into the spirit of Shavuot everyone enjoyed whipping up a quick (pareve) cheese cake. The children took turns adding and mixing the ingredients together.  They had a lot of fun smashing the graham crackers to make the crust.  We hope you enjoyed the scrumptious cake.

In keeping with the theme of “getting into the Shavuot spirit” all the IBECC children joined the Rabbi in the Bet Midrash for a final Shabbat sing-a-long.  At the end the Rabbi opened the ARON KODESH and showed the children the Torahs.  Everyone had a fine time dancing with the Rabbi and the Torahs.  What a great experience for the children to have been so close to the Torahs.

The look on the children’s faces as Morah Pam wheeled in the giant house was incredible.  They had never seen anything so big.  The furniture and miniature people and other fixtures were adorable.  The children had an amazing time taking turns playing with the house.  There may be a future designer in our bunch as the children used the furniture to decorate the house.  Listening to them discuss where they should put a chair or a bed was quite cute. They did not want to stop.

The children are looking forward to celebrating Father’s Day on Sunday.  They had a fun time making their special present for their dads.  We hope you enjoy the gift.  It was made with a lot of TLC and a lot of laughs (hands were tickled as they became covered […]

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Goodbye to Our Butterfly Class (Toddlers)

Our last week of school started with baking a cake for Ethan’s birthday party. The children each took turns pouring the ingredients into the bowl. Using dot dots we decorated Ethan’s birthday crown. We also took turns gluing on shiny square paper to create a beautiful treasure chest to give to Ethan as his birthday present. We had so much fun at Ethan’s birthday. We sang “Happy Birthday” and ate delicious cake. Thank you to Ethan’s mommy for reading to us that wonderful animal book. We loved making the animal sounds.

Playing with our red play dough was very relaxing. We took turns with the rolling pins and shapes.

Just like we celebrated Mother’s Day we now started talking to the children about Father’s Day. The Hebrew word for father is Abba. Our fathers do so much for us. They go to work to make sure we have everything we need. Sometimes they give us dinner, read us a story or put us to bed. Father’s Day is the day when we say an extra thank you and give extra hugs and kisses to our fathers for all that they do. The children wanted to make their fathers a special present. Using fabric markers they drew pictures on to tube socks for their fathers. The children chose which color paper tie they wanted to decorate for their fathers. Using buttons and different color fabrics the children glued them onto their ties, their fathers are sure to make a fashion statement when wearing them.

We played outside with our friends. We took turn sliding down the slide. We colored pictures with different colored chalk.

We filled our sand table with rice and transformed it into a rice table. The […]

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The Sunflowers say, “Torah Torah, We Love YOU”

In preparation for the upcoming holiday of Shavuot, Rabbi Rosenblum came for a visit to show the entire school how a Torah is made. You take the hide of a kosher animal and take the fur (hair) off by soaking it in a special solution, and let it dry.  Then this becomes the parchment paper.  It takes 62 pieces to make a Torah.  Next, you take a feather from a kosher animal, along with the special ink to write the Torah.  All the children, especially the Sunflowers, enjoyed being a scribe, just like a sofer, the man who writes the Torah. Dipping the feather into the ink and then coloring the letters, everyone had a blast.  The children were able to touch the hide of the animal and they said it felt very soft. Every child received a piece of parchment with their Hebrew name written on it, just like how the Torah is written.

The children have been very busy preparing for the End of Year Celebration and are excited for their parents to come and sing with them.  They were very happy to hear that at the end of the singalong there will be food.  The children loved rolling the dough between their fingers to make delicious sugar cookies to share with their parents.

The children truly love butterflies.  During our center time, the children enjoyed making a flock of butterflies out of playdough. They all took turns to use the butterfly cookie cutter.  It was wonderful to see everyone take turns.

The Sunflowers always enjoy playing outside.  Their creative minds are always in motion, running, […]

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Shavuot in the Toddler Class

The children measured out ingredients and took turns pouring it into the mixing bowl to make a delicious cake for their end of the year party.

Shavuot is our upcoming chag where HaShem gave the Jewish people a special present- the Torah which is a book of mitzvot/rules. The Jewish people said “Naaseh V’nishma”, we will listen and we will do. Hashem chose a simple plain mountain named Har Sinai on which to give the Torah. After the Torah was given on this humble mountain, Hashem made it possible for the mountain to grow beautiful grass and flowers as an honor. The children started their experience with climbing a mountain outside. They chose to take flowers from the ground and put them on the mountain to make it beautiful just like Har Sinai. Some children drew mountains with chalk.

The children created their own Har Sinai masterpiece. They glued a shiny silver Torah on top of a mountain. They used green string for the grass and flattened mini cupcake holders with glued gems inside for the flowers. They wanted their mountains to look beautiful for the Torah and they sure do! They took turns hugging our stuffed Torah as we sang Torah Tzivah Lanu Moshe.

The children each made a spring flower sensory water bottle. First, we poured water and glue into the bottle. Next, they pushed flower petals into the bottle. finally, they helped to fill it up with green glitter to look like grass. They were fascinated to turn it upside down and watch as the glitter and rose peddles floated.

The Torah factory came to IBECC. We joined the threes and Pre-K classes to learn all about how the Torah is made. We learned that […]

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Gan Tziporim Celebrate a Birthday and Shavuot

We enjoyed celebrating Lia’s 5th birthday last Friday.  Her mother, Sheara, joined us and we ate the cupcakes that the children helped to make and presented Lia with the treasure box that the children decorated for her.  Lia wore the beautiful crown that she had decorated with many number 5s written all over it and drawings of her entire family.  Sheara read a story to the children about worms, something they all enjoy watching in the playground.  Then the children played the circle game Bluebird Through My Window and the Israeli circle game, Uga, Uga, Uga.  Just one more birthday to celebrate (Emily’s) before we end our school year.



We had our last music class of the year, with Morah Jill, this week.  She introduced songs about caterpillars and butterflies in honor of our butterflies. The children pretended to be butterflies and flew around the gym room while singing their song.  They used gauzy scarves as a prop for wings.  They really enjoyed the expansiveness of the gym to act out the songs.  They also learned a song about the Torah for Shavuot.  It is always a fun time with Morah Jill.

We are following a tradition from Israel for Shavuot.  People in Israel, and many of the children, gather baskets of fruit to deliver to family and friends for the holiday of Shavuot.  We will do that too in Gan Tziporim.  The children will go to our outdoor classroom to gather fruit (which we have placed on stands to resemble a marketplace) to put into a basket that they can take home to share with their families.  It is yet another way we get to teach the moral value of sharing to the children and to […]

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