Our butterflies were finally big enough to release into the sky. We invited the three year old class to join in and wave goodbye to our butterflies. Some butterflies didn’t want to fly away they wanted to stay on the orange. The children are still so fascinated with the butterfly metamorphosis. They admire their butterfly art wall every day as they walk into the class. They are so proud of the work they have done.

The children continue to work on their Shabbat box. They chose from different color paints and used their hands or a foam paintbrush to decorate a shoe box which will transform into their own Shabbat box. Some people do the mitzvah of tzedakah before Shabbat starts. The children have decorated their own tzedakah box. They glued on different color tissue paper onto a tzedakah box. They asked where the coins are for the tzedakah box? They are looking forward to doing the mitzvah of tzedakah and filling their tzedakah box up for those in need.

The children colored some Shabbat symbols pictures to create their own Shabbat matching game to add to their Shabbat box. They are getting so good at matching the pictures.

Morah Jill joined us for her last music class of the year. The children used dot dots to make her a thank you card. They danced with scarves and pretended they were butterflies flying. The animal songs really came to life with Morah Jill’s stuffed animal puppets. They sang a Torah song in preparation for Shavuot. They each got a turn to hug the Torah.

Stay tuned for more!

Reminder end of the year party June 7 at 9:00 am in the classroom.

Can’t wait to see everyone.

Morah Blimie and Morah Aimee