We enjoyed celebrating Lia’s 5th birthday last Friday.  Her mother, Sheara, joined us and we ate the cupcakes that the children helped to make and presented Lia with the treasure box that the children decorated for her.  Lia wore the beautiful crown that she had decorated with many number 5s written all over it and drawings of her entire family.  Sheara read a story to the children about worms, something they all enjoy watching in the playground.  Then the children played the circle game Bluebird Through My Window and the Israeli circle game, Uga, Uga, Uga.  Just one more birthday to celebrate (Emily’s) before we end our school year.



We had our last music class of the year, with Morah Jill, this week.  She introduced songs about caterpillars and butterflies in honor of our butterflies. The children pretended to be butterflies and flew around the gym room while singing their song.  They used gauzy scarves as a prop for wings.  They really enjoyed the expansiveness of the gym to act out the songs.  They also learned a song about the Torah for Shavuot.  It is always a fun time with Morah Jill.

We are following a tradition from Israel for Shavuot.  People in Israel, and many of the children, gather baskets of fruit to deliver to family and friends for the holiday of Shavuot.  We will do that too in Gan Tziporim.  The children will go to our outdoor classroom to gather fruit (which we have placed on stands to resemble a marketplace) to put into a basket that they can take home to share with their families.  It is yet another way we get to teach the moral value of sharing to the children and to model that belief and behavior.  The children decorated little baskets with strips of pretty patterned papers, gluing them onto the sides of the baskets.

Spontaneously, Lauren had the thought that she wanted to draw and dictate a story in her journal.  The idea spread and pretty soon almost all of the children wanted to write in their journals.  There continued to be stories with Rapunzel as the main character, and stories with thunderstorms (or both).  But there were also stories about volcanoes melting snowflakes and old men rescuing birds who were stuck in the sky.

The letter “Rr” was introduced to the children last week.  It is fairly easy to recognize and write since it is written similarly to the letter “Pp”. The words that Rebecca Rosie Rabbit, the letter “Rr” puppet shared, were items such as rope, raisins, ring, ribbon, rooster, rock, rug, and rhinoceros.




The last letter in the Hebrew alphabet, the letter Taf, was taught by Morah Yafit. The children learned the vocabulary words: tapuah – apple; tapuz – orange; and tarnegol – rooster.