Our last week of school started with baking a cake for Ethan’s birthday party. The children each took turns pouring the ingredients into the bowl. Using dot dots we decorated Ethan’s birthday crown. We also took turns gluing on shiny square paper to create a beautiful treasure chest to give to Ethan as his birthday present. We had so much fun at Ethan’s birthday. We sang “Happy Birthday” and ate delicious cake. Thank you to Ethan’s mommy for reading to us that wonderful animal book. We loved making the animal sounds.

Playing with our red play dough was very relaxing. We took turns with the rolling pins and shapes.

Just like we celebrated Mother’s Day we now started talking to the children about Father’s Day. The Hebrew word for father is Abba. Our fathers do so much for us. They go to work to make sure we have everything we need. Sometimes they give us dinner, read us a story or put us to bed. Father’s Day is the day when we say an extra thank you and give extra hugs and kisses to our fathers for all that they do. The children wanted to make their fathers a special present. Using fabric markers they drew pictures on to tube socks for their fathers. The children chose which color paper tie they wanted to decorate for their fathers. Using buttons and different color fabrics the children glued them onto their ties, their fathers are sure to make a fashion statement when wearing them.

We played outside with our friends. We took turn sliding down the slide. We colored pictures with different colored chalk.

We filled our sand table with rice and transformed it into a rice table. The children were so excited! They used spoons and shovels to fill different containers. They are all so good at taking turns with their friends. They asked if they can eat the rice like they do at home. 🙂

Thank you all so much for an amazing year. We have enjoyed spending every minute with your special and unique children. It’s amazing to see how much they have grown. Have a fabulous summer.

Morah Blimie and Morah Aimee