The last project of the year is a worthwhile one, because it is a present for the fathers.  It is good for the children to think about other people and to be aware of all the thoughtfulness and care their fathers bestow upon them.  It is also good for them to think about and show their appreciation to this important figure in their young lives.  The children have always shown interest in the insect world.  They love to check on the worms in the park and enjoyed the whole caterpillar/butterfly experience.  They have consistently been “reading” the Eric Carle book, The Grouchy Ladybug.  It is a very popular book in our classroom.  So we merged the bug interest with Father’s Day and came up with our project.  It is a simple concept, but cute, and will be a constant reminder to Dad of who made it. It involved painting and working slowly and super carefully, in the execution of the gift.  Can you guess what it is from the pictures?

The children have also been preparing the last birthday present for the year.  Emily will be celebrating her fifth birthday later in June after school is over. But we wanted to celebrate with her!  So the children decorated her treasure box, cutting and gluing on pieces  of beautiful and colorful napkins

What’s a birthday celebration without a cake?  So, of course, the children were happy to whip one up.  This was their eighth time making one.  They are experts in measuring, pouring, mixing, and checking the eggs for blood spots and shells.

We had just enough time to introduce the letters, “Mm” and “Nn”.  Most of the children understand the idea of the initial phonetic sound of the alphabet letter and can identify the correct picture/word that begins with that sound.  They are definitely in pre-reading mode.

It was wonderful to share our Graduation program with all of you.  We hope you enjoyed the children’s performance as much as we did.  They really shone!

Thank you for a very special year with your wonderful children. We wish them much success. We are sure they will make you proud.

With warm regards,

Morah Fran and Morah Yafit