We had a fabulous first week. Our theme was music, The children made percussion instruments from water bottles filled with noodles. We filled the bottles with noodles and drops of different colored paint. The children shook the bottles to paint the noddles and make music. The children also danced around with tambourines.

The children played outside in the water with sprinklers, water tables and toys! They had a great time cooling off from the hot sun The kids enjoyed music with Jill as they danced around with puppets, guitar music and little toy bugs. They absolutely loved holding the puppets. They had a fabulous time in music class and were beaming with smiles and laughter listening to music,The children had a great time playing in the indoor gym with cars and ride on toys. They also played in the exploration room with the train table and sandbox. They had an amazingly time together playing and laughing with smiles all around!

The children loved playing the the playground. We slid down the slides, drew with chalk and popped bubbles that the Morah’s blew.

The children loved celebrating Shabbat. We drank grape juice for kiddush. The challah was so yummy to eat.

Looking forward to another fun week.

Shabbat shalom,

Morah Lauren, Rachel, Lilly and Macky