What a fun filled week we had! Our theme this week is music. Our first instrument of the week was shakers. We filled our water bottles with blue and white marbles and shook them to hear the sound it made. It was very loud. We used paintbrushes to glue on colorful tissue paper to decorate it. We transformed cds into cymbals. With our friends We painted on oak tag by pressing our symbols into paint and them onto the paper. The children realized that when two paint colors mix together it makes a whole new color. Adding white shaving with paint also makes it turn into a different color . The children loves squishing their hands in the paint and shaving cream. The children’s art work is hung up in our room for all to admire.

Our next instrument we made were drums. The children used paintbrushes to glue on different material to decorate their drums. Everyone had such good fine motor skills while stringing the beads onto their drum sticks.

Our favorite music teacher Morah Jill came to sing with us. We sang with animal puppets, lady bugs, American flag wands and a big and small tambourine. Big in Hebrew is gadol and small is katan. Morah Jill played a game using the Hebrew words of big and small to let us know which tambourine we should shake. We even got a chance to play on her guitar.

Water play is so much fun. Some children said it felt like they were in Florida. They ran threw the sprinklers and laughed the water felt cold. They Filled up buckets with water and spilled it out. They played with toy fish and cups and shovels in the water table. They even brought out toy animals that got to hot staying in the farm house and they decided to give the animals a bath. Then they climbed into the water buckets themselves and joined the toy animals for a pretend bath.

The children’s imagination grew as we went to play in the playground. They teamed up and pretended to be different characters. They slid down the slides and drew with chalk.

On our rainy day this week we explored our indoor playground . We enjoyed playing in the sandbox , it made us feel like we were at the beach. We filled our buckets with sand and when we found seashells we listen to hear the oceans waves. We also loved sliding down the slide. We shared our trains so nicely and took turns driving it on the train table, while others pushed two cars down the slide to see which would get down faster. We rode bikes inside, the children are getting so good at peddling.

Our bean Sensory bin was a big hit. It was fascinating to watch how each child decided to pick a color of beans and used little measuring scoops to fill their cup up with that color. They enjoyed sorting through the bin.

Playtime is always more fun with our friends. It’s amazing how everyone shared and used their imagination during free play time. The children relax while listening to stories that the counselors read to them.

Looking forward to another amazing week at camp.

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Blimie, Macky and Roey