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Our Last Week in The Little Beginners

We are so sad to say goodbye to our friends but we are still having fun till the end.

We baked a cake for Adin’s birthday and decorated his crown.

We counted our Omer, getting closer to Shavuot.

We danced and sang with our Torahs for the holiday of Shavuot.

The weather is so beautiful, we walked outside to the playground.

Today we got to eat our cake we made and sing Happy Birthday to Adin!

We made a birthday parade with our instruments.

Time for playtime!!!

We had a great year and enjoyed your children so much. Thank you also for our gift.

Morah Kerry and Morah Deena

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The Sunflowers had “One More Day” (of music)

The children were sad when they found out that this would be their last session with Morah Jill for this year. They always  enjoyed spending time with Morah Jill.  The fun songs that she brought to the children each time was wonderful.  The enthusiasm in the children’s eyes each time they heard a new song and used the cool props that Morah Jill always brought was amazing.   The strumming of her guitar and the way the children were taught to move to the music was a wonderful way for children to gain a love and interest in music. With the help of Morah Debra the children gave Morah Jill a special guitar card to thank her for a fun filled year of music.

The Sunflowers are looking forward to celebrating Shavuot.  They have been learning about how Moshe went up to Har  Sinai to speak with Hashem and brought down the Aseret Hadibrot, also known as the Luchot.  The children were busy building their own version of Har Sinai with blocks and other building toys.  They also made their own Luchot.  They were so excited to be able to recognize the letters in the Alpeh-bet as they labeled their Luchot with ink pads and Hebrew stamps.

Stay tuned for more.

Please remember to RSVP for our End of the Year Presentation which will take place Tuesday, June 11th from 9am-10am.

Morah Pam and Morah Debra


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Gan Tziporim Get Ready to Party!

Simon, Uriel, and Ella build elaborate structures with the wooden blocks and additional materials (tools, cars and trucks, little people).

An opportunity is presented to the children to use other senses, more fine motor, and a different creative outlet, when they are given table toys to play with.  These include peg boards, counting cubes, magnetic sticks and balls, colorful glass stones and bowls, and at times, puzzles and games.  Lauren and Lia used the peg boards, counting fish and counting cubes as a means to “bake” and “decorate” a birthday cake.  Since Lia’s birthday is this Sunday, birthdays were very much on their minds.  They took a lot of time to build on their ideas and to collaborate on the best toys for their purposes.  They even brought over a box that had held ice cream cones to elaborate on their birthday plans.  Lieba incorporated the magnetic sticks and balls to decorate her cake.  Several others mixed the glass stones in bowls to simulate cake batter.

Graduation preparations are seriously underway.  Beautiful and vibrant liquid watercolors will add pizzazz to our mortar board graduation hats. When they are completed they will be something to behold!

What’s a birthday celebration without a cake or in this case, cupcakes.  As is our custom, Lia poured in the ingredients (cake mix, water, oil, and eggs),  and shared the mixing fun.

Another table toy presenting many creative outlets, is playdough.  Not only is it fun to play with but it is calming and therapeutic; a nice way to end the school day.  The children continued their baking obsession and started using cookie cutters and rolling out shapes for cookies.  They proceeded to offer them to their Morot.  It was intriguing to see […]

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