What a great day we all had at school today.   The Sunflowers invited their mom’s in for a Purim carnival and sing-a- long.  First we all posed for a class picture.  Everyone wore such amazing costumes.  We had a unicorn,doctor, princess, and a lot of super heroes.   Our Morot  themed their costumes.  They were If you give a pig a pancake, If you give a cat a cupckake ,and If you give a mouse a cookie.   At the carnival there were many games to play.  Bowling, pin the crown on the queen,find the hamantashen , and a photo booth that made you a clown.Everyone had so much fun.






After playing all the wonderful games we all  returned to our classroom for our sing- a- long which included our davening.   The ruach in our classroom was amazing.  We all love to sing.




After we said goodbye to our mom’s eveyone enjoyed some down time to reflect on the morning.  It is always wonderful to see the children express themselves through art.