The snow has been falling in the Sunflowers.  After reviewing the four seasons with the children the teachers have been reading books on the topic of winter. One of the books we have read, SNOWY DAYS, is about a  boy who likes the snow.  He makes tracks in the snow by walking with his feet inward and outward,  dragging a stick so it looks like the tracks of a snake that slithered by.  The boy goes on an adventure in the snow.  He loves the snow so much that he decides to place a snowball in his pocket for later when he is at home, only to find out it melted.  The boy was okay with that since he was going to do it all over again the next day.  The children made their own footprints with the help of Mr Potato head’s feet and some toy animals.  They dipped the feet of the toys into shaving cream and then pressed it onto pieces of paper.  The children enjoyed touching and playing with the shaving cream too.

Another way in which it was snowing in the Sunflowers was when the children folded a piece of paper in half and then in half again and showing them how to make snowflakes.  It was great to see how well the children hold and use a pair of scissors. The dexterity that they have in their fingers is magical.  The different designs that came from this exercise were remarkable.  The children also made snowflakes using glue and glitter.  They placed some glue on paper and added the glitter and had a blast shaking the extra glitter off .

Another winter favorite is the book THE MITTEN.  It’s about a boy who insists his grandmother knit him a White pair of mittens. His grandmother did not want to make them in that color since it’s the same color as snow and she was afraid he would lose them.  Sure enough the boy drops one of  the mittens, though he does not realize it.  One by one there are then a slew of animals that manage to squeeze their way into the warm glove.  A  mole, a hedgehog, an owl a rabbit, a badger, a bear, and a mouse. The bear sneezes and all the animals fly out of the mitten and go back to their homes.  Just then the boy is on his way back home and spots the mitten. He picks the mitten  up and returns home to show his grandmother he still has his mittens. This story involves the concept of sequencing. It’s amazing to see the children be able to retell the story and know  the proper order in which the animals entered into the mitten.  While eating animal crackers for snack, Morah Aimee asked the children if they think any of the animals from the animal crackers were in the mitten. The children responded by listing the order of animals.  Their ability to sequence items is quite remarkable. Another way the children showed their understanding and enjoyment for the book was by creating their own mitten by gluing pom poms onto a giant mitten. Again to show the dexterity in their fingers they sewed a giant mitten together.  Morah Pam put two big mittens together and punched holes all around and the children took turns placing the ribbon in and out.  It is truly phenomenal  to watch the level concentration these children have. The children are creating the animals to place inside the mitten like in the story.

Another way that the children are learning sequencing is by playing the of Lotto. It’s like bingo.  You have to match the animal picture that Morah Aimee called out and see if you have it on your card. The children love playing this game.

Fire chief Kevin of the Livingston fire department came to visit us in our room. It is always enjoyable when he comes for a visit.  The children shared some holiday cookies that we baked for him.  It’s alway fun to give him a HIGH FIVE.

Having  the parents come to school for a night full of fun and activities was a wonderful event.  Having the parents see what goes on each day in school was very enlightening for them.   Getting to participate and make the same crafts as their child was an incredible experience for them. We know that the parents thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Thank you to all the parents that were able to come.

Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom and a wonderful weekend.

Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, and Morah  Debra