The sunflowers were all about fourth July this week. We made rice crispy treats to enjoy at our camp wide picnic. We topped it with red white and blue sprinkles to represent the colors of the American flag. We then used our strong muscle to push down our star cookie cutters to shape them. We enjoyed tasting some of it for snack.

Using red, white and blue paint we dipped our Koosh rings in the paint and pressed it down on our Fourth of July caps creating a firecracker image. We then pealed and stuck on American themed stickers. We can’t wait to wear our caps at the camp wide picnic. The children used special shaped paint bushes to create a firecracker master piece that hangs on our art bulletin board in our classroom.

Using the red, white and blue paint the children painted a plate and sprinkled on some red, white and blue stars and transformed it into a Fourth of July tambourine.

The children’s love for art inspired them to make their very own American flag. Using a white paper,red and blue dot dots and some American theme stickers they each created their own artistic version of the flag.

The children’s fine motor skills are excellent they used red,white and blue star beads and strung them on to a keychain all by themselves.

The children really enjoyed playing in the side yard. They used sponges and spray bottles to pretend to clean up the tables and kitchen set from shaving cream. They used the water table and sprinklers to give their trucks a car wash. The children love running through the sprinklers and using buckets and water toys with the water table. Using the buckets and watering cans the children watered the plants. The sea-saw is always fun with our friends.

Playing in the playground is one of the children’s favorite activities, it is amazing to watch their imaginations grow as they join in with their friends to play games. The children spotted a deer while playing at the playground.

Today the children enjoyed a camp wide Fourth of July picnic. We got to eat our star rice crispy treats and even made extra for the little sprouts. It was so delicious.

We are able to scoot around so fast on our scooters.

We had a special red,white and blue Shabbat treat today. The strawberries, blueberries and mini marshmallows were a big hit.

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Blimie, Roey