We’ve had a great week so far celebrating the 4th of July with water play and beautiful art projects. The children had so much fun using toilet paper rolls made into firecrackers to paint red white and blue.

Today on July 2nd we played outside with the sprinklers and water tables and cooled off In the hot summer sun.ïp

We made beautiful art projects by gluing red white and blue stars to white paper and made handprints with red white and blue paint on the stars to celebrate July 4th, We had so much fun tipping our hands in paint and gluing the stars with glue sticks.

We played with trains and sand and a play kitchen in the exploration room with our friends while we listened to music. It was a great day today had by all!l

We finished off the week of July 4th celebrating Shabbat and had some delicious festive snacks of blueberries, strawberries and marshmallows.

The children had a wonderful time creating July 4th artwork using dot paint and gluing red, white, and blue stars to their pictures. They laughed together and shared all of the paint as they made beautiful pictures for the holiday!

They engaged in active play using cars and scooters in our playroom as they laughed and sang songs and share toys together. We all had a wonderful week at camp and look forward to seeing all of the children next week.i