We started off our science themed week by making edible slime. We took turns measuring and pouring the ingredients into the bowl. Everyone got a turn to squeeze some blue food coloring into the mixture. The children were fascinated to see the mixtures color change. They observed that when you mix dark blue and white together it makes light blue. Using our muscles we took turns mixing the very sticky slime. The best part was tasting it and playing with it.

Using bleeding tissue paper the children created their own versions of a tie dyed tee shirt. Each child arranged the tissue paper on their tee shirts and then sprayed it with water. It was amazing to see the colors come off of the paper and form beautiful art work on their very own tee shirts. The children were so proud to wear them home.

Our science theme continued at water play. The children poured corn starch and squeezed food coloring into water to make oobleck slime. They loved the feeling of squishing their hands into the oobleck slime. They used buckets, cups and watering cans to pour the colored oobleck slime into a barrel of water and watched as the clear water changed colors. Some children said it looked like milk and used their imagination to pretend to sell the “milk”. They laughed as they ran through the sprinklers to wash the oobleck slime off of themselves.

It’s amazing to watch the children’s imagination grow as they play with the animals, little people and the kitchen set. They are so good at including and sharing with their friends. The children also like to cuddle up with teddy bears and relax as the counselors read stories.

The children were amazed and squealed with delight as they watched our volcano science experiment. They took turns adding vinegar and food coloring to the baking soda that was in a water bottle and watched as it erupted out of the bottle. They also watched as the experiment blew up a balloon. Laughter and excitement filled the room as the experiments were done numerous times.

Ms Laura came for a special science visit. She showed the children how liquid and solids work by melting ice. They each got a turn to put a string on a ice cube and when sprinkled with salt the string melted into the ice and you were able to pick up the ice with the string. The children were also amazed to watch their “snowman’s” melt in the water.

The children arranged crayons on to their very own canvases. The children helped the counselor blow dry the crayons and watched as the heat from the blow dryer melted the crayons and created a beautiful masterpiece.

To celebrate crazy hat day the children made their own hats. They used markers to draw on the plates and pealed stickers and stuck them on to make their own hats.

The children sang Shabbat songs and danced while Rabbi Mischel played his guitar.

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Blimie, Hannah and Roey