The children had a wonderful day on Monday playing inside because of the rain. They played with the toys in the gym and engaged in playing with Playdough and mixing colors. They learned about the different shapes they could make using rolling pins Playdough scissors and cookie cutters. After snacktime they went back into the gym to play with a parachute and balls or they had a marvelous time laughing and singing together.i

The Sprouts enjoyed the sun on Tuesday and went outside for water play. They all had a great time splashing in the cool water popping bubbles as we sang songs and jumped in the sprinkler. After snacktime the children went outside to play in the playground with balls, bubbles and chalk. Since it’s science week, we colored with different pieces of chalk to see what colors we can mix together to make new colors. It was a great day.

The sprouts had a fabulous day on Wednesday at camp! Laura the science lady came to show the children about cold and warm water and how ice cubes and string can stick together with magic blue powder. All the children got to touch the cold water and Pick up the ice cubes and see how the string can stick to the ice cubes with the blue powder. They were excited to pick up the ice cubes with the string. After that we had snacktime and went outside for waterplay. We had pizza lunch today which the children thoroughly enjoyed!

Thursday was a great day at sprouts camp! We started off in the hot sun with waterplay, we blew bubbles and listened to music with lots of requests to hear Elmo sing. Then the children came inside to dry off and have some snack. We moved into the gym after that to play with scooters. They had a wonderful time rolling around on their bellies and on their bottoms scooting around the gym with friends. Since it’s science week we had the children coloring pictures of a bear making science experiments. We talked about the different colors we could use and mix together to make new colors while we drew on our picture. It was a wonderful day that we all enjoyed! On Shabbat the Sprouts camp the children had a wonderful time celebrating with the Rabbi. We sang Shabbat melodies and danced around together to celebrate. The children laughed and sang together to welcome Shabbat. Adin was our Shabbat boy this week and Lulu was our Shabbat girl. We all set our prayers together over the grape juice and the Challah to celebrate Shabbat. Then the children went out for waterplay to cool off from the hot sun. The older children in the sunflowers group came out to join us and splashing and playing in the water. Since it was science week we put some soap in the water and mixed it up to make our own bubbles. Shabbat shalom,

Morah Lauren, Rachel, Ari, Lilly