On Monday the sprouts had a fabulous day. We started off outside cooling off at water play. The children laughed and sang songs and splashed together in the cool sprinklers and water tables. We came in and had snack together and played basketball in the gym while we rode our bicycles together. It was an awesome day.On Tuesday, we started off the day again with water play and shared some new toys together and blew bubbles and sang and splashed in the cool water. We came inside to dry off and had a snack and then we played beanbag toss, basketball, soccer and ring toss inside the gym! It was another awesome day at camp ☺️

On Wednesday we were lucky enough to have coach Brett come play with the children. It was a very hot day outside so indoor sports was just the thing to keep the children happy. Coach Brad taught them how to play soccer and we laughed and sang songs together on the parachute. After snacktime we played in the exploration room with trains and sand tables and a toy kitchen.

On Thursday it was picture day and the children did incredibly well for our photographer to take the group picture and individual ones as well. After pictures we had our snack together and then played in the gym with the bicycles and balls since it is sports week! We celebrated Shabbat on Friday at sprouts camp! The children had a wonderful time starting off the day cooling off from the hot sun at our water play tables and sprinklers! We then came in to change and dry off and have Shabbat snack where Sefi was our Shabbat boy and Lulu was a Shabbat girl this week. Then the children had fun playing with the playdough and making sports shapes from our cookie cutters since we are finishing up our sports week. It was another great day today at camp!