We started our sports theme week by riding on bikes and scooters playing ring toss and throwing bean bags into the hats. We jumped from hoop to hoop to get threw the obstacle course. Some threw balls into the basket ball hoop while others rolled the balls to their friends. Bouncing on the bouncy balls was so much fun. Everyone took turns rolling the balls to knock down the water bottle bowling pins.

Coach Brett came for sports week and taught the kids how to play soccer. Everyone took turns kicking the ball and scoring goals. Everyone had such great coordination. When Coach Brett said red, yellow and green light we shook the parachute fast, slow and then we stopped. Everyone laughed and had such a great time.

The children took turns pouring the jello mix into a bowl and mixing it. They cut the jello in the shape of balls for our sports theme. It was so delicious to eat for a snack. We also measured out ingredients for Chex mix and poured and mixed it together. The children really liked how it tasted.

Making sports theme picture frames was enjoyed by all. The children peeled off and stuck on sports-related stickers to their very own frame.

Water play is one of the children’s favorite activities. They sprayed with a spray bottle and watered the plants. Running through the sprinklers and standing in buckets filled with water is a fun way to cool off on a hot day. The children loved the feeling of squishing their hands in the cold jello that was in the water table. Freeze pops were given as a special treat while we played outside. Pizza Wednesday is our favorite lunch of the week.

Reading books and playtime is always more fun with our friends.

We made playdough! The children poured in the ingredients and took turns mixing it. Each child got to choose what color they wanted to make theirs and squeezed out some food coloring on to their play dough and mixed it in. They were so fascinated to watch as the color changed. The best part was using play dough shapes to play with it.

For Roey’s goodbye party the children baked tied dyed colored cupcakes. They measured, poured in and mix up the ingredients. It was so much fun to dip the cupcakes into frosting and sprinkles. It was so delicious to eat. We celebrated Shabbat with grape juice, challah, and Shabbat songs.

The children’s are so proud of themselves for listening to our camp rules they can’t wait to put a star on next to their name every day. Friday is our special prize day for everyone who got their stars all week. We are so proud of everyone for getting a prize.

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Blimie, Roey and Hannah