On Monday the children had a wonderful time playing outside in the hot summer sun at our water tables and sprinklers. Some of the children got so hot they decided to get in the water buckets together and go swimming! Then we came inside to dry off and have our snacks. Since the theme is dance week at camp, We danced around to some great songs like Old McDonald, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, and Shake your Sillies Out while we played all different kinds of instruments and sang together! The children had a wonderful time dancing around to the music together.

Since it was cold outside, on Tuesday we decided to bring the child to the playground. The children had a great time dancing around and popping bubbles to the music on the blacktop and playing hopscotch on the pictures we drew with chalk. Then we came inside for a snack and afterward we went to the art room for dancing feet and paint project. The children get their feet in colored paint and walked across a canvas. They love the feel of the soft squishy WetPaint between their toes and they left and jumped in the paint creating a beautiful mural for our room. We had a very busy day today.

On Wednesday we started off the day with our usual water play to cool off from from the hot summer sun. Then we came inside to change and dry off for snack time. After snack, the children were so excited to have Miss Amy the music teacher visit our school to sing songs and dance. The children had a wonderful time dancing around and singing to the music with beanbags. After we danced with Miss Amy and had fun and laughed together it was time for pizza. The children had a great day today.

Thursday was a great day at sprouts camp. We started off the day with water place splashing with bubbles and music in the hot sun. The children had a great time together outside playing in the sprinklers as well. Afterward, we came inside for snack time and since it is dance week the children dance in the gym with scooters and bicycles to the music. We had them walk on a board with their hands and feet as well which they really enjoyed.

On Friday we had a special guest, Rabbi Mischel, join us first thing to sing and dance along to Shabbat songs! Next, we went outside for a fun and refreshing water play! Splash splash! Afterwards, we got all dry and started off our lunch with the Shabbat prayers, lighting the candles and singing the Kiddish and the Motzi. We also had our very own Shabbat king and Shabbat queens! The kids were so excited and proud! We finished off our day with a very exciting trip to the exploration room! The children were so thrilled to play with the train table, dig and bury toys in the sand, zoom down the slide, play in the castle, and more! We had an amazing week in the Sprouts Camp and wish everyone a happy Shabbat!

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Lauren, Rachel, Macky, Ari, and our substitute Rebecca