The children used their imagination to make their own pictures out of colored sticks. Some children said they made a boat,dog and even a cake. They are very proud of their art master pieces.

The children colored with brown markers and crayons and stuck stickers on to a plate to create their own bear masks to go on our bear hunt.

The children had an amazing time at imagine that.

Playtime, story time and riding bikes is enjoyed by all. It’s a great way for the children to use their imaginations. During bike time the children take turns filling the bikes up with gas and even pretending to change tires.

The children sit so nicely and sing loudly while we say our tefilah by circle time.

During water play the children played car wash. They used sponges and shaving to wash the cars and used buckets of water and sprays bottle to wash them off. Some children drove their cars through the sprinkles. The children enjoyed a special ices treat.

The children’s imagination grew as they played in the playground. Some children collected sticks,rocks and soil to make a bonfire. While others used soil and acorns to make pretend cupcakes.

It was amazing to see their creations made out of legos. Some children made cars, dogs, and even a cowboy woody.

The children made a special Shabbat treat. They measured and poured out the Rice Krispies and mixed in the marshmallow fluff and sprinkled the top with colored sprinkles. It was so delicious to eat with our Shabbat grape juice and challah.

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Blimie, Hannah, Emunah