We had a great day today at sprouts camp where we started off the day at water play. The children splashed and cooled off from the hot summer sun. They had a great time playing in the sprinklers and blowing bubbles. Then we came inside for ice pops and snack 😊 Since it’s exploration week, we had the children do some dot paint on rainbow printouts and painted glue on the pictures to stick on the clouds. The children were also happy to have counselor Lilly back at camp. They had a wonderful day!

Tuesday was a hot day outside, so we started with water play. We took out the cars and made a car wash! They had a fabulous time together splashing in the cold water while driving cars! We decided to pretend we were bears today since it’s less pretend week in our so the children had apples and honey for a snack. We had a great time playing in the exploration room in the afternoon with the sand table and buckets of dried beans.It was a great day at camp,

The children had a fabulous day at camp on Wednesday. We started off in the shade of the playground. The children played with balls and chalk and bubbles and had a great time. Then we moved over to water play to cool off from the very hot sun today. We kept the cars outside for the children to play with and they love the idea of the car wash they splashed in the water and sang songs and blew bubbles together. Then we came inside for snacktime and enjoyed some quiet playtime with our classroom toys and books. Since it was Wednesday we had our delicious pizza delivered and the children devoured it. 

Thursday was a hot day at camp, so the children enjoyed the morning at water play. We had a great time splashing in the water and driving the cars through the sprinklers. We came inside to have snack and dry off and then we had the children paint. Since it’s lets pretend week, we had the children put on fire hats and paint fire trucks with watercolor. Then Counselor Rachel drew a beautiful fire truck mural and we had the children paint the firetruck with popsicle stick paint brushes made from frozen ice cubes and food coloring. They had a wonderful time getting messy and painting on the floor. Then we took the children to our play room to read stories about firetrucks while they were there fireman hats. We had a great day today,On Friday it was a beautiful day, not too hot but we started out having a great time at waterplay then we brought the children inside to dry off and pretended we were in traffic in the car room since it’s let’s pretend week. The kids had a fabulous time playing with the cars and then we came in the room to celebrate Shabbat and have our snack which the children thoroughly enjoyed. After snack we went to play in the exploration room and continued our theme of traffic at the train table. The children had a fabulous week at camp.mjhttps://www.suburbantorah.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/img_7691.mov

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Lauren, Rachel, Ari, Lilly, Macky and Klilah