The children had a wonderful day on Monday celebrating beach week at sprout camp. We started off with water play and welcome to our new camper Boaz. It was cool outside today so the children enjoyed playing for a while at the water table, sprinklers and cars. Then we came inside to dry off and have our delicious snack together. After snacktime we went into the art room to paint a treasure box present for Ami who turned two on Sunday. We will celebrate his birthday together tomorrow. Since it’s beach week the children also went fishing in a mock fish tank with colorful rings made from a pool noodle. The children had a wonderful time scooping up the rings and catching them with wooden spoons and other utensils. We finished off the day in our exploration room where the children played with the sand table boxes of beans giggled together on the slide and played hide and seek in a tent. We had a great day together. p

On Tuesday at camp we started off with water play, but filled the tables with liquid soap to make suds to wash the cars. We also had a fun time coloring the water with food coloring, to make green, blue, red, orange and yellow water. The kids had a great time playing with the suds and washing no cars and each other. Then we came inside to dry off and celebrate Ami’s Two-year-old birthday with a special treat of marshmallow rice crispy bars with sprinkles. The children really enjoyed singing to him and giving him a beautifully decorated tzedkah box that they made themselves. Then we made lemonade with the children since it’s beach week. The children squeezed lemons into a picture of ice cold water and each of them put a spoonful of sugar in as well. They enjoyed dumping sugar and mixing the water and squeezing the lemons to make delicious lemonade. After that they dot painted beautiful pictures of fish and made an underwater mural on the floor with finger paint. We had a great day today!

On Wednesday we had a wonderful with the children splashing together at water play. Then we came inside to dry off and have a delicious snack of cake shaped like a sandy beach and ice cream cups for our Counselor Klilah’s birthday. We made a picnic with the older children and the Rabbi in our playroom and sang Happy Birthday to Klilah. Then we went upstairs to the social hall to celebrate beach week with a carnival. We had a bounce house and face painting and lots of different activities for the children to enjoy. The children had an amazing time running around and bouncing and playing together. It was a wonderful day for everyone.i

The children had a fun day on Friday finishing our beach week theme. Since It was cool outside we started with some time in the playpen and then made our way over to water play. We played together at The water tables and with the cars splashing and cooling off in the hot sun. Then we came inside for a delicious snack of organic ice pops and of course we celebrated Shabbat together. Boaz was our Shabbat boy and Livi was Shabbat girl this week. Our sweet camper Lulu returned this week as well. After Shabbat and snack, we had some quiet On the carpet when we did story time together. Then we finished up our ocean mural and had our lunch. We are looking forward to our last week of camp for our animal week theme!

Shabbat Shalom

Morah Lauren, Rachel, Lilly, Ari and Macky