The children really enjoyed art time this week. They made many beach themed projects. They glued fish onto a fish bowl and poured sand on to it. They poured different colored sand and made a sand necklace. They were so proud to wear their necklaces. They also made a beach in a bottle. Pealing and sticking on fish stickers to the bottles, pouring sand and sea shells into the water bottle really made us feel like we were at the beach.

In honor of our counselor Klilah’s birthday we baked a beach theme cake. The children measured, poured and took turns mixing the ingredients. We added blue food coloring to represent the ocean. We joined the sprouts class for a picnic birthday party. The children ate the delicious cake as well as an ice cream treat for our carnival day.

Carnival day was so much fun. The children jumped in the bounce house. Played all kinds of carnival game like ring toss. Took pictures in our photo booth and got their faces painted.

The children gave the lemonade drink for carnival day a thumbs up.

The children’s imagination grew during play time when they used the toy tools to fix the doll house. Reading stories, riding the scooters and bikes was enjoyed by all.

During circle time the boys shared their tzitut to make a bracha and kiss it.

During water play the children had fun squishing their hands into the blue food coloring that was mixed into the shaving cream. They washed toy cars with soap,water and sponges. The car wash has become a very popular game at water play.

For beach week we made moon sand. The children poured and mixed flour and baby oil into a container and created the moon sand. They really used their imagination while playing with it some children made moon sand muffins and cake.

The children made a beach on a plate. They used glue sticks to sticks on all things that go in the ocean.

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Blimie, Hannah and Emunah