We celebrated Mazali’s birthday by baking pink cupcakes, making her a Jewelry box and birthday crown. We sang happy birthday and ate the delicious cupcakes.


For our animal theme this week the children enjoyed playing with the farm house toy animals and sand old mc Donald with animal puppets.

The children glued loose parts on their fish. They also glued on black and white foam paper on to a plate and made zebra masks.

The zoo came to visit camp. The children got to hear facts about the animals and touch some of them.

The children ate teddy bear graham cookies for snack in honor of Zoo week.

The children love using their imagination while playing with their friends.

Riding bikes,scooters and bouncing on bouncy balls is a good way to work on our gross motor skills.

The children squished their hands into shaving cream during water play. They used sponges to wash cars and spray bottle to clean it off. They cooled off with a ices treat.

The children used animal foam shapes and painting outside with foam paint. It was fun to wash out hands off in the water table and watch the water change colors.

For our zoo theme week we made a snake out of beads. The children are so good stringing the beads onto the land yard.

Play dough time

We had a camp wide Shabbat with Rabbi Mischel. We sang Shabbat songs while listening to the guitar. We lit the candles ,drank grape juice,ate challah and had a special Shabbat treat.

Summer went by so fast. We all had a blast. We will miss everyone. Hope to see everyone for Camp Cochavim 2020.

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Blimie, Hannah and Emunah