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Fire Safety at IBECC

The month of October was Fire Prevention Month. But did you know that we here at IBECC discuss Fire Safety on a regular basis? When school began way back in September we talked about how to keep ourselves and our families safe. We noted that sometimes we need to stay indoors to be safe, like in stormy weather, and sometimes we need to go outdoors to be safe. Like for a fire in the oven.

In the first week of school we all went outside together to the grass between the shul and the playground. This is our Safety Spot. Whenever we need to leave the building this is where we go to listen to the directions. But we don’t go up our regular staircase. We know that we go up a very special outside staircase of the building right away. But how do we know when to leave the building? Well, that day when we were outside, Morah Rachelle explained to us that we will hear a special alarm and that when we hear it we go outside by way of the outdoor staircase. We wanted to hear it but some children don’t like loud noises. Mr. George made the fire alarm go off while we were outside. It didn’t seem so loud. Then we began walking into the school to our classrooms. AS we got closer it got a little louder but we weren’t afraid because it was gradual. All the children were comfortable with this process. Mr. George shut the alarm when we were all safe in our classrooms. The next week the Morahs told us the alarm would go off and that we would go outside. When the alarm rang, we […]

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We’re getting Ready for Sukkot!

Sukkot fun has come to IBECC.

By |October 13, 2016|

IBECC Welcomes 2 Special Visitors

The following is a true story!! Every bit of it!

Rabbi Mischel loves to spend time in our classrooms! As a matter of fact, if you are supposed to meet with him and can’t find him, come visit us!! That is exactly where he was found this week! And he brought with him a very special Shofar. Rabbi Mischel tells us that every year on Rosh Hashana it is his job to say out loud the names of each shofar note so the blower knows what to blow. He told us he says Tekiah and waits to hear one long note, Shevarim, he waits to hear 3 shorter notes, Teruah he listens for many quick notes, and his favorite Tekiah Gedolah, one really really really long note! Well we wanted him to blow his shofar for us. But Rabbi Mischel said, with a very sad expression on his face, that he has never really been able to get any sounds out of his shofar. Well, we told Rabbi Mischel that it is important to keep trying and not to get discouraged. We cheered him on and said, “You can do it!” So Rabbi Mischel put the shofar up to his mouth and we all shouted, “Tekiah!” and guess what!! Rabbi Mischel was able to blow the Tekiah!! He looked so happy. So we shouted, “Shevarim!!” And again he was able to do it!! Rabbi M was getting excited now. We shouted , “Teruah!!!” Well, What do you think we heard!! And Rabbi Mischel said to us, “Yeladim, I can’t believe it!! Do you think we should try for the Tekiah Gedolah? I don’t think I can do it! After all those, it might be too […]

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Friends and Flowers and Shofars, OH MY! Butterfly Class

The children have been so excited to get back to school and see their friends again. They love to give each other their blocks with their pictures on it. We are taking every opportunity we can to focus on becoming familiar with the new routines in our class including taking turns with our friends, cleaning up each center after playing, sitting on the rug during circle time, walking safely to the playground, washing hands and then eating at the table, and napping. We are so impressed with how everyone is getting acclimated so quickly.

Along with that, we’ve been exploring and learning about familiar symbols used on Rosh Hashanah. We passed around a real shofar and the children each had a chance to touch and examine it and imitate the sounds it makes. We also started discovering information about honey. We looked at pictures of real bees and pointed out their parts and colors. We added stuffed bees to our “provocations/discovery table” and watched as the children brought them into the different areas of our classroom to incorporate them into their play. We also enjoyed buzzing around and flying like bees.

Morah brought in a real wooden honey dish and we enjoyed using it in various creative ways. We looked at the golden color of the honey and really enjoyed tasting it with our apples. The children’s faces were a treat as they experienced the sweetness and stickiness.

We are creating an Art Gallery in our classroom filled with original works by the children. Each child will have a special spot for their work. Our first art installation will be the children’s own representation of a honey collage. Using tissue paper and glue with dot paints, the children experienced […]

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Did You See Our Garden?

Tuesday morning, something very exciting happened. Morah Rachelle bought dirt and flowers, and guess what we did? We planted a beautiful flower garden on the side of the Shul. The yeladim spread the dirt, and the took trowels (that’s a new word) to dig holes for the flowers to go in.  It was so much fun! Enjoy the pictures!

For more great photos see our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/irisberman.suburbantorah

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Rosh Hashanah is on Its Way! Sunflower Class

Our Rosh Hashanah discovery table intrigued the children. They enjoyed manipulating many items including apples, honey and shofarot.

The children remembered tasting the apple last week and choosing their favorite and placing their vote on the graph. We continued our tasting of apples this week, including with it the addition of the holiday favorite honey . The yeladim loved dipping the apples, AND also feeling the honey with their fingers. “It’s so sticky!”, they said. We asked the children some thought provoking questions in order to find out why honey is eaten on Rosh Hashanah. We asked, “What does honey taste like? Is it sweet or salty?”
They were thinking.
“Sweet!” They yelled.
So we explained that when we Daven in shul on Rosh Hashanah, we want a year of good things, “sweet” things.

We took a look at a pomegranate. We noticed the skin is red with black dots and has a crown on top. It looks different than the apples. We cut it open and boy did it look different than the apples! All those seeds!!! Red juicy seeds! And that is what we ate! Some of us like the juicy crunchy feel and some of us didn’t. It was fun to watch each others faces as we tasted them.

The children at the in the Sunflower Class are focusing on many aspects of Rosh Hashanah. As they looked at the Provocations Table, they noticed the many symbols and ritual objects. During a classroom dialogue we spoke about facts and customs. One topic that emerged as a great interest was the concept of the cycle of the year. The teachers likened it to a circle, that the year doesn’t have a finite end, but ends and begins again right away. It was […]

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