1. Shabbat Morning (after Mussaf) – Lessons for Leadership: Rereading the Books of Ruth and Esther
2. Afternoon Class (6:50pm) – The Scholar, the Printer and the Partisan: The Story of the Vilna Shas
3. Seuda Shlishit (Following Mincha at 7:35pm) – Reaching Toward the Infinite: A Conversation on Cultivating Spirituality in Our Children and Grandchildren

Ms. Raizi Chechik, Head of School at Manhattan Day School in New York City, is a creative and dynamic educator who brings to her position over two decades of school leadership experience and a passion for learning and teaching. She studied Tanach and Counseling at Michlala Jerusalem Teacher’s College, holds an MA in Jewish History, and has done doctoral work in both Education and Jewish Studies. Ms. Chechik is a recipient of numerous professional and academic awards, among them the national Grinspoon-Steinhardt Award for Excellence in Jewish Education.  A graduate of the Intensive Training Program for Day School Leaders at Yeshiva University, Ms. Chechik served as a mentor to new school leaders through their Principal’s Partnership program and continues to support new Principals and Heads of School.

In her tenure as Principal of SKA, Head of School at the Ilan School, and prior to that, Assistant Principal of Manhattan High School for Girls, Ms. Chechik earned a reputation as a warm, caring and innovative educational leader with  high standards of scholarship, expertise in professional development, and sensitivity to the needs of each individual student. She is a gifted speaker and thinker who has lectured internationally on topics of education and Jewish studies.