Throughout the year, the youth department offers a variety of events for children of all ages, including holiday themed programs, Shabbat onegs, learning programs, arts and crafts events and sports/game nights. Each age group has at least one event per month, specifically geared to their level. Weekly Shabbat morning groups are for children aged 3 through 12, and include davening, parsha, snacks and games.

The Youth Department also provides a teen minyan on Shabbat morning for children over Bar and Bat Mitzvah age. In addition, community-wide programs including the annual Sukkah Hop, Chanukah Chagiga, Purim carnival and Bingo Night are fun for the entire family.

Berman Ella & Shira girls ice1 (2) Megan & CC Monster Golf 2013 Purim Packing 5 Purim Packing 6 Raya & ROse Rosenberg Girls