PROFESSIONAL. PERSONAL. PASSIONATE. J.E.P.Y. combines exciting classroom learning with hands-on activities and creative projects. Our teachers are highly skilled and experienced educators who possess both a wealth of Jewish knowledge as well as a passion for Judaism. The well-developed curriculum includes Hebrew language and reading skills, Bible, Jewish holidays and customs, and many other Jewish subjects.

At J.E.P.Y. the focus is on the needs of each individual child. This is accomplished by maintaining a low student/teacher ratio and by incorporating an innovative Hebrew language program that pairs each student with a mentor/tutor from local Jewish high schools. Hebrew language skills become fun, while relationships that can last for many years develop.

BAR / BAT MITZVAH PREPARATION The Bar/Bat Mitzvah is an important milestone in every Jewish child’s life. At J.E.P.Y. we offer an innovative program which prepares each child on a one- to-one basis. Our aim is that the Bar/Bat Mitzvah becomes a memorable experience for the entire family.