Sprout camp Dance week

On Monday the children had a wonderful time playing outside in the hot summer sun at our water tables and sprinklers. Some of the children got so hot they decided to get in the water buckets together and go swimming! Then we came inside to dry off and have our snacks. Since the theme is dance week at camp, We danced around to some great songs like Old McDonald, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, and Shake your Sillies Out while we played all different kinds of instruments and sang together! The children had a wonderful time dancing around to the music together.

Since it was cold outside, on Tuesday we decided to bring the child to the playground. The children had a great time dancing around and popping bubbles to the music on the blacktop and playing hopscotch on the pictures we drew with chalk. Then we came inside for a snack and afterward we went to the art room for dancing feet and paint project. The children get their feet in colored paint and walked across a canvas. They love the feel of the soft squishy WetPaint between their toes and they left and jumped in the paint creating a beautiful mural for our room. We had a very busy day today.

On Wednesday we started off the day with our usual water play to cool off from from the hot summer sun. Then we came inside to change and dry off for snack time. After snack, the children were so excited to have Miss Amy the music teacher visit our school to sing songs and dance. The children had a wonderful time dancing around and singing to the music with beanbags. After we danced […]

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Dancing feet week at camp in the sunflower class

In honor of dancing week Morah Amy came and danced with us. The children followed her directions so nicely. They all laughed and smiled and enjoyed dancing. The children enjoyed putting bells on their feet and hands to make music.

During water play the children dipped their feet into paint and painting with their feet on paper. They laughed as the paint felt squishy between their toes.

The children practiced their balance and coordination while using their hands and feet to walk across the board.

Playing with friends is always more fun. We love playing outside on the slide and coloring with chalk.

We celebrated Shabbat with Rabbi Mischel singing songs, playing guitar and dancing. Drinking grape juice and challah was so delicious.

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Blimie, Hannah, Emunah

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Camp Sports week in the sunflowers

We started our sports theme week by riding on bikes and scooters playing ring toss and throwing bean bags into the hats. We jumped from hoop to hoop to get threw the obstacle course. Some threw balls into the basket ball hoop while others rolled the balls to their friends. Bouncing on the bouncy balls was so much fun. Everyone took turns rolling the balls to knock down the water bottle bowling pins.

Coach Brett came for sports week and taught the kids how to play soccer. Everyone took turns kicking the ball and scoring goals. Everyone had such great coordination. When Coach Brett said red, yellow and green light we shook the parachute fast, slow and then we stopped. Everyone laughed and had such a great time.

The children took turns pouring the jello mix into a bowl and mixing it. They cut the jello in the shape of balls for our sports theme. It was so delicious to eat for a snack. We also measured out ingredients for Chex mix and poured and mixed it together. The children really liked how it tasted.

Making sports theme picture frames was enjoyed by all. The children peeled off and stuck on sports-related stickers to their very own frame.

Water play is one of the children’s favorite activities. They sprayed with a spray bottle and watered the plants. Running through the sprinklers and standing in buckets filled with water is a fun way to cool off on a hot day. The children loved the feeling of squishing their hands in the cold jello that was in the water table. Freeze pops were given as a special treat while we played outside. Pizza Wednesday is our favorite lunch of the […]

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Sports week sprouts,

On Monday the sprouts had a fabulous day. We started off outside cooling off at water play. The children laughed and sang songs and splashed together in the cool sprinklers and water tables. We came in and had snack together and played basketball in the gym while we rode our bicycles together. It was an awesome day.On Tuesday, we started off the day again with water play and shared some new toys together and blew bubbles and sang and splashed in the cool water. We came inside to dry off and had a snack and then we played beanbag toss, basketball, soccer and ring toss inside the gym! It was another awesome day at camp ☺️

On Wednesday we were lucky enough to have coach Brett come play with the children. It was a very hot day outside so indoor sports was just the thing to keep the children happy. Coach Brad taught them how to play soccer and we laughed and sang songs together on the parachute. After snacktime we played in the exploration room with trains and sand tables and a toy kitchen.

On Thursday it was picture day and the children did incredibly well for our photographer to take the group picture and individual ones as well. After pictures we had our snack together and then played in the gym with the bicycles and balls since it is sports week! We celebrated Shabbat on Friday at sprouts camp! The children had a wonderful time starting off the day cooling off from the hot sun at our water play tables and sprinklers! We then came in to change and dry off and have Shabbat snack where Sefi was our Shabbat boy and Lulu […]

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Sprouts camp science week

The children had a wonderful day on Monday playing inside because of the rain. They played with the toys in the gym and engaged in playing with Playdough and mixing colors. They learned about the different shapes they could make using rolling pins Playdough scissors and cookie cutters. After snacktime they went back into the gym to play with a parachute and balls or they had a marvelous time laughing and singing together.i

The Sprouts enjoyed the sun on Tuesday and went outside for water play. They all had a great time splashing in the cool water popping bubbles as we sang songs and jumped in the sprinkler. After snacktime the children went outside to play in the playground with balls, bubbles and chalk. Since it’s science week, we colored with different pieces of chalk to see what colors we can mix together to make new colors. It was a great day.

The sprouts had a fabulous day on Wednesday at camp! Laura the science lady came to show the children about cold and warm water and how ice cubes and string can stick together with magic blue powder. All the children got to touch the cold water and Pick up the ice cubes and see how the string can stick to the ice cubes with the blue powder. They were excited to pick up the ice cubes with the string. After that we had snacktime and went outside for waterplay. We had pizza lunch today which the children thoroughly enjoyed!

Thursday was a great day at sprouts camp! We started off in the hot sun with waterplay, we blew bubbles and listened to music with lots of requests to hear Elmo sing. Then the children came […]

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Science week in the sunflowers (camp)

We started off our science themed week by making edible slime. We took turns measuring and pouring the ingredients into the bowl. Everyone got a turn to squeeze some blue food coloring into the mixture. The children were fascinated to see the mixtures color change. They observed that when you mix dark blue and white together it makes light blue. Using our muscles we took turns mixing the very sticky slime. The best part was tasting it and playing with it.

Using bleeding tissue paper the children created their own versions of a tie dyed tee shirt. Each child arranged the tissue paper on their tee shirts and then sprayed it with water. It was amazing to see the colors come off of the paper and form beautiful art work on their very own tee shirts. The children were so proud to wear them home.

Our science theme continued at water play. The children poured corn starch and squeezed food coloring into water to make oobleck slime. They loved the feeling of squishing their hands into the oobleck slime. They used buckets, cups and watering cans to pour the colored oobleck slime into a barrel of water and watched as the clear water changed colors. Some children said it looked like milk and used their imagination to pretend to sell the “milk”. They laughed as they ran through the sprinklers to wash the oobleck slime off of themselves.

It’s amazing to watch the children’s imagination grow as they play with the animals, little people and the kitchen set. They are so good at including and sharing with their friends. The children also like to cuddle up with teddy bears and relax as the counselors read stories.

The children […]

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July 4th sprouts camp

We’ve had a great week so far celebrating the 4th of July with water play and beautiful art projects. The children had so much fun using toilet paper rolls made into firecrackers to paint red white and blue.

Today on July 2nd we played outside with the sprinklers and water tables and cooled off In the hot summer sun.ïp

We made beautiful art projects by gluing red white and blue stars to white paper and made handprints with red white and blue paint on the stars to celebrate July 4th, We had so much fun tipping our hands in paint and gluing the stars with glue sticks.

We played with trains and sand and a play kitchen in the exploration room with our friends while we listened to music. It was a great day today had by all!l

We finished off the week of July 4th celebrating Shabbat and had some delicious festive snacks of blueberries, strawberries and marshmallows.

The children had a wonderful time creating July 4th artwork using dot paint and gluing red, white, and blue stars to their pictures. They laughed together and shared all of the paint as they made beautiful pictures for the holiday!

They engaged in active play using cars and scooters in our playroom as they laughed and sang songs and share toys together. We all had a wonderful week at camp and look forward to seeing all of the children next week.i

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Fourth of July week in the sunflower camp

The sunflowers were all about fourth July this week. We made rice crispy treats to enjoy at our camp wide picnic. We topped it with red white and blue sprinkles to represent the colors of the American flag. We then used our strong muscle to push down our star cookie cutters to shape them. We enjoyed tasting some of it for snack.

Using red, white and blue paint we dipped our Koosh rings in the paint and pressed it down on our Fourth of July caps creating a firecracker image. We then pealed and stuck on American themed stickers. We can’t wait to wear our caps at the camp wide picnic. The children used special shaped paint bushes to create a firecracker master piece that hangs on our art bulletin board in our classroom.

Using the red, white and blue paint the children painted a plate and sprinkled on some red, white and blue stars and transformed it into a Fourth of July tambourine.

The children’s love for art inspired them to make their very own American flag. Using a white paper,red and blue dot dots and some American theme stickers they each created their own artistic version of the flag.

The children’s fine motor skills are excellent they used red,white and blue star beads and strung them on to a keychain all by themselves.

The children really enjoyed playing in the side yard. They used sponges and spray bottles to pretend to clean up the tables and kitchen set from shaving cream. They used the water table and sprinklers to give their trucks a car wash. The children love running through the sprinklers and using buckets and water toys with the water table. Using the buckets and watering […]

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The snow has been falling in the Sunflowers.  After reviewing the four seasons with the children the teachers have been reading books on the topic of winter. One of the books we have read, SNOWY DAYS, is about a  boy who likes the snow.  He makes tracks in the snow by walking with his feet inward and outward,  dragging a stick so it looks like the tracks of a snake that slithered by.  The boy goes on an adventure in the snow.  He loves the snow so much that he decides to place a snowball in his pocket for later when he is at home, only to find out it melted.  The boy was okay with that since he was going to do it all over again the next day.  The children made their own footprints with the help of Mr Potato head’s feet and some toy animals.  They dipped the feet of the toys into shaving cream and then pressed it onto pieces of paper.  The children enjoyed touching and playing with the shaving cream too.

Another way in which it was snowing in the Sunflowers was when the children folded a piece of paper in half and then in half again and showing them how to make snowflakes.  It was great to see how well the children hold and use a pair of scissors. The dexterity that they have in their fingers is magical.  The different designs that came from this exercise were remarkable.  The children also made snowflakes using glue and glitter.  They placed some glue on paper and added the glitter and had a blast shaking the extra glitter off .

Another winter favorite is the book THE MITTEN.  It’s about a […]

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Gan Tziporim

The flower pots made with plaster- of- Paris came out well.  The children were involved with mixing the water into the powder and making sure there were no lumps and no thickening in the bottom of the cup that was used as a mold.  Following the mixing, a smaller cup was inserted into the larger cup to provide the opening in the cup/pot.  The plaster hardened pretty quickly and the next day we peeled the styrofoam cup/mold away from the pot.  The children painted the pots with acrylic paint. Some of the children left parts of their pots unpainted so that the natural color of the pot was visible.  The next step in the decoration process was to glue on small colorful tiles from Israel.  They were instructed to place the tiles in a pattern of their choice – circling around the pot, as vertical lines, or some variation.  Some of the children had other ideas and chose to place many tiles around the pot.  Each pot is attractive and unique.

The next step was to plant a lovely flower in the pot.  We chose pink to remind the children of the pink blossoms on the almond trees in Israel.  The children placed enough soil to cover the bottom of the pot.  Then the plant went in and finally the roots were covered up by the soil.  Last, each plant was given some water.  We provided a little dish for the pot to sit on.  Place the plant in a sunny window and watch it thrive!  

We read the book, Netta and Her Plant by Ellie Gellman.  This book was a perfect accompaniment to our own activity with our plants.  Netta’s class at school also prepares plants […]

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