Now We “Know” Our ABC’S

The children are beginning to learn letter recognition for the whole alphabet.  We have begun with the letters “A” and “B”.  They are learning to recognize these letters through visual pictures and songs and having a lot of fun doing it!  We have also introduced the colors RED and BLUE.  You can see what they see by looking at the songs below:

In addition to this, the children are enjoying some fee play.  They have discovered our newly renovated kitchen.  The are already demonstrating their culinary abilities.

And as always, we celebrated Shabbat with our friends.  We enjoy our Shabbat Party with blessings, songs, and challah.

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What a great day we all had at school today.   The Sunflowers invited their mom’s in for a Purim carnival and sing-a- long.  First we all posed for a class picture.  Everyone wore such amazing costumes.  We had a unicorn,doctor, princess, and a lot of super heroes.   Our Morot  themed their costumes.  They were If you give a pig a pancake, If you give a cat a cupckake ,and If you give a mouse a cookie.   At the carnival there were many games to play.  Bowling, pin the crown on the queen,find the hamantashen , and a photo booth that made you a clown.Everyone had so much fun.






After playing all the wonderful games we all  returned to our classroom for our sing- a- long which included our davening.   The ruach in our classroom was amazing.  We all love to sing.




After we said goodbye to our mom’s eveyone enjoyed some down time to reflect on the morning.  It is always wonderful to see the children express themselves through art.

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Making Frogs in Little Beginners

We continued learning about the 10 plagues. After learnnig about ‘Dam’ (blood), and watching the water turn red, we starting learning about the frogs. We are now experts on frogs, we know what color they are and what sound they make we even began creating our own! The kids loved dot painting their froggies green.



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Gan Tziporim

Hebrew with Morah Yafit, the letter Samech – dreidel- sevivon . Book – Seffer. Soap – sabon .


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Stop and Go — Gan Parparim (Toddlers)

Our class had wonderful healthy snacks all week thanks to Aryeh and his family. The children loved the grapes, bananas, and strawberries, which the children helped to wash and dry themselves– we are always striving to make them as independent as possible. (And the strawberries fit right into our red theme — see below).


Above almost all else, as parents and teachers, our children’s safety is paramount. Which is why for the next week or two we will be focusing on Stop and Go. Stopping before leaving our classroom, going up and down the steps, crossing the parking lot and street. Going when the Morahs say it’s safe to Go.

Some of the children know that when they are in their cars, a red light means stop. To reinforce this knowledge, as well as introduce it to the entire class, we began by identifying everyday items in our classroom that are red: a cup, a block, a red shaker.We even ate red strawberries. During circle time, each child chose a red toy from a red box and together we named the object. As we go through our day, we are pointing out red objects — red balls, red leaves, a red sweater. We also read Clifford the Big Red Dog by Norman Bridwell and Barry Michael Harman.


We then introduced red stop signs explained that when they see a red stop sign or a Morah holding up her hand, they need to stop. We even made a “stop lollipop,” as a concrete reminder of when they need to stop whenever we leave the classroom. We also will be hanging red stop signs on the walls of the indoor play area so that all the […]

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Lots of exploring in the Little Beginners

Hope everyone enjoyed Mother’s Day, With our beautiful garden.

Today we went into the exploration room, and played with the fun things in the room.

We counted the Omer.

Today is a special day, we celebrated Leoras birthday! We decorated her crown and had a party and ate yummy cake.

In preparation for Lag Bamer, we made our own bonfire and the children found twigs and we glued them together and then ripped up red yellow and orange tissue paper for our fire.

Have a great weekend!

Love Morah Deena and Morah Kerry

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Gan Tziporim Celebrate Shavuot with Israeli Cheese Cake and Fruit Baskets

Our school enjoyed another visit with Rabbi Y;’ this time he brought items having to do with the Torah.  Since Shavuot will be celebrated this weekend, it is an opportune time to be learning about how a Torah is made, what are the materials it is made from, who prints the words in the Torah.  The animal skins, from which parchment is made, was displayed and the children were allowed to touch it as well.  They told me that the skin felt soft.  Rabbi Y explained that special quill pens are used by a scribe to write in the Torah, as well as special ink. Then the children were given a card containing the Hebrew alphabet and their own quills and ink, and they were encouraged to trace over the letters.  They also received a paper with their Hebrew names written on it, and asked to write the letters with their quills.  It’s not easy to write with a feather pen!

The building has been filled with the smell of baking this week.  There is baking for Shavuot and baking for graduation.  Something new for Gan Tziporim is making cookies.  We had a nice sugar cookie recipe and the children got to work pouring in the flour and sugar, cracking and examining the eggs, and adding baking powder, a bit of salt, butter and vanilla.  After getting back the refrigerated dough, the children enjoyed rolling out their pieces and using the aleph bet cookies cutters.  It was good practice for them to identify the Hebrew letters and we’ll have delicious cookies for graduation!

Besides celebrating the receiving of the Torah from Hashem, Shavuot also celebrates the receiving of the “First Fruits”.  It is also known as […]

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First Week Sprouts Camp

We had a fabulous first week. Our theme was music, The children made percussion instruments from water bottles filled with noodles. We filled the bottles with noodles and drops of different colored paint. The children shook the bottles to paint the noddles and make music. The children also danced around with tambourines.

The children played outside in the water with sprinklers, water tables and toys! They had a great time cooling off from the hot sun The kids enjoyed music with Jill as they danced around with puppets, guitar music and little toy bugs. They absolutely loved holding the puppets. They had a fabulous time in music class and were beaming with smiles and laughter listening to music,The children had a great time playing in the indoor gym with cars and ride on toys. They also played in the exploration room with the train table and sandbox. They had an amazingly time together playing and laughing with smiles all around!

The children loved playing the the playground. We slid down the slides, drew with chalk and popped bubbles that the Morah’s blew.

The children loved celebrating Shabbat. We drank grape juice for kiddush. The challah was so yummy to eat.

Looking forward to another fun week.

Shabbat shalom,

Morah Lauren, Rachel, Lilly and Macky

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Sunflower music week in camp

What a fun filled week we had! Our theme this week is music. Our first instrument of the week was shakers. We filled our water bottles with blue and white marbles and shook them to hear the sound it made. It was very loud. We used paintbrushes to glue on colorful tissue paper to decorate it. We transformed cds into cymbals. With our friends We painted on oak tag by pressing our symbols into paint and them onto the paper. The children realized that when two paint colors mix together it makes a whole new color. Adding white shaving with paint also makes it turn into a different color . The children loves squishing their hands in the paint and shaving cream. The children’s art work is hung up in our room for all to admire.

Our next instrument we made were drums. The children used paintbrushes to glue on different material to decorate their drums. Everyone had such good fine motor skills while stringing the beads onto their drum sticks.

Our favorite music teacher Morah Jill came to sing with us. We sang with animal puppets, lady bugs, American flag wands and a big and small tambourine. Big in Hebrew is gadol and small is katan. Morah Jill played a game using the Hebrew words of big and small to let us know which tambourine we should shake. We even got a chance to play on her guitar.

Water play is so much fun. Some children said it felt like they were in Florida. They ran threw the sprinklers and laughed the water felt cold. They Filled up buckets with water and spilled it out. They played with toy fish and cups and shovels in the […]

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Sunflower camp

We were so happy to welcome our friends to camp.

We hugged our friends, ran through the sprinklers. We joined the sprouts group and used buckets and shovels with the water table.

We played with blocks,animals, kitchen set, play dough and had story time.

This week is music week. We made our first instrument of the week. We filled our water bottles with blue and white marbles and shook them to hear the sound it made. It was very loud. We used paintbrushes to glue on colorful tissue paper to decorate the outside of the bottle. The children loved squishing their hands in the glue.

We cant wait for more of our friends to come to camp!

Morah Blimie, Rory, Macky

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