More Shavuot Preparations in the Little Beginners

The children had lots of fun playing and making a band in our classroom.

The children painted their vases for our Shavuot flowers with beautiful colors.

We baked pizza for a Shavuot treat. First, we flattened the dough.

Then we added the sauce.

Last, the cheese was sprinkled on.

We hope everyone enjoyed eating it at home!!

Have a wonderful Shabbat.

Next week is our last week. We can’t believe it is almost over!! It went so fast!

Morah Kerry and Morah Deena

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Lag B’Omer in the Butterfly class (Toddlers)

The children collected And counted five sticks to make their very own bon fire. They also glued on red and orange shiny paper for the fire. The Hebrew word for fire is Aish We sang a aish is fire song that taught us fire is hot and we shouldn’t go near it or touch it. Rain/water makes the fire go away so our bon fire was pushed off till Friday.

The school wide bon fire with the Rabbi was an amazing sight to see. We all sang together and got to eat s’mores made by the Morah’s. The marshmallows were so sticky.

With spring in the air and Shavuot on its way we explored in our outdoor classroom this week. We planted with our shovels and spoons. Used our trucks for digging. The children’s imagination grew as they used Wood chips for plates and served mud pies to each other. Balancing was another way to strengthen our muscles.

We have two butterflies in our classroom. The children were fascinated to see the life cycle transform. Our butterflies are still babies and can’t fly yet. Did you know butterflies eat apples and oranges just like people? We will release them on Tuesday when we get back to school. We joined the three year’s old class as they released their beautiful butterflies into the sky. The children squealed with delight and waved goodbye to the butterflies.


Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Blimie and Morah Aimee

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Gan Tziporim Learn the Lessons of Lag B’Omer

Our new letter of the alphabet, to practice writing, is “Bb”.  A bear puppet introduced the letter and pulled the following items from the surprise letter box: a bottle, a bag, a book, a basket, a broom (not actually in the box), and a boy doll.  And of course the box itself is a “Bb” word.  Then the children formed the upper case “B” with a big wooden line and two small wooden curves.  Before showing the children the proper size curves, I asked them what size it should be.  I pulled out a large wooden curve, and the children knew that when put together with the line, it created the letter “D”.  Then the children practiced writing the letter.

The new Hebrew letter introduced by Morah Yafit is the letter Kuf.  The vocabulary words (and pictures) that were cut out so beautifully by the children and pasted on their sheets of paper were: keshet- rainbow, karnaph – rhino, and kipod- hedgehog.

Some of the wooden pieces of our class “sukkah” were cracked and needed repair.  Our good friend Bob, known to the children as “Builder Bob”, came to our classroom, and with the help of the children, disassembled the sukkah and took it home for repair.  The children are still very much enamored with the process of working with tools.  They are good at following directions and really like feeling useful. They attentively watched what Bob was doing and took it all in. They didn’t even mind leaving their free-play time in order to help with this task.

In honor of Lag B’Omer, we decided to have a mailbox in which to “mail”  the comments, relayed to us by the children, of the helpful and kind […]

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Morah Debra led a mid-week stretch to get the Sunflowers refocused so they could be prepared to celebrate LAG BAOMER. The children thoroughly enjoyed it.  Some of the children even had their own stretches.

Refreshed the children were so happy to work on getting ready for the BIG bonfire.   The children listened as Morah Pam told the them how Rabbi Akiva learned how to read Hebrew and became a great Rabbi that taught so many students Torah. We celebrate Lag Baomer by gathering around giant bonfires for bbq’s and have fun roasting marshmallows.  Lag Baomer gets its name from it being the 33rd day of the Omer, the counting of weeks between Passover and Shavuot.  In Hebrew the letter lamid is worth 30 and the gimel is worth 3. We put the two letters together to spell the word lag.  The children made their own bonfire using both their hands and feet. The outcome was unbelievable.  Looks like we have a new generation of impressionists.  Such masterpieces.

The weather kept us from being able to have a real bonfire on Lag Baomer but that didn’t stop us from making our own.  We invited the Little Beginners into our classroom and we all sat around a bonfire which was made out of twigs the children collected from outside and some shiny red, yellow, and orange paper. Everyone had a wonderful time.  The children said they felt as if they were indeed at a real bonfire.  The only thing missing were marshmallows.

The children had a wonderful time using many of our sensory stations.   Mushing the play-dough between their fingers is always a cool sensation.  Using the many play-dough tools to imagine and create whatever […]

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WHERE’S SWIMMY? in the Sunflowers

The children love learning our UNDER THE SEA unit.  We are learning all about the different types of fish and plants that live in the ocean.  Reading so many books about the ocean and what lives below has piqued their curiosity, which in turn has had them asking some great questions. Below are three of their favorite books.   They’re constantly asking for us to read these books over and over again, especially SWIMMY by LEO LEONNI.   The children began to add their fish to our Under The Sea mural which is now hanging in our classroom.  Please feel free to come visit and take a look at it.


It’s hard to believe that we are on our ninth letter in the alphabet.  The children love our letter I songs; DO YOU KNOW THE ICE CREAM MAN is a true favorite.   The children crack up that Morah Pam’s son, ILAN, is also in one of the songs. IGUANA’S  from another “I” song led to a mature conversations about reptiles.  It’s incredible how much information these children know.  Lizards, gecko’s, and snakes are just a few of the reptiles mentioned by the children.  Some of the children said they saw all these creatures on their vacations.  During morning play the little plastic dinosaurs reminded some of the kids of little lizards.

Our unit on caterpillar to butterflies is not as quick a metamorphosis as the children had hoped.  Our caterpillars have been in the chrysalis stage.  The children enjoy checking on their progress daily and they have been hoping that the butterflies would appear soon.  Their wish just came true.  Six butterflies came out of their chrysalis’.  […]

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Butterflies (Toddlers)

We started our week by creating a habitat for our modeling clay caterpillars and butterflies to live on. Using green paint and a leaf sponge we enjoyed pressing it down on our habitat papers. Metamorphosis is the life cycle and the four stages of a butterfly. Our caterpillars in our class are still in its chrysalis state. The children check on them every day.

In preparation for Shavuot, we starting talking about Lag B’Omar. We are focusing on one of the rules in the Torah which is to love your friend. Just like the Torah has rules for the Jewish people we have rules in our classroom. We take turns with toys and help our friends. The children have shown tremendous growth in their sharing and caring capabilities with their friends. Our Kotel wall that we made for Yom Ha’ Atzmaut hangs in our room and is now filled with wonderfully written notes of the kinds things each child did for their friend.

We went to visit the three year old class to see their butterflies. The children were fascinated to see the transformation. We counted ten butterflies in their class. We are waiting patiently for ours to turn into butterflies.

We collected sticks from the playground for our special Lag B’ Omar Bonfire with the Rabbi on Thursday weather permitting. Many children asked safety questions about the Bonfire so we reviewed our fire safety rules.

Thank you to the Goldenthal family for providing us with our healthy snack of kiwis and apples this week.

Morah Blimie and Morah Aimee

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Welcoming a new friend in the Little Beginners

All the children were so happy to have a new friend join our class this week. Welcome to Daniel Dinur.

We talked about Lag Bamer and roasted marshmallows in our bonfire and then ate them.

Next, we talked about Shavuot and started painting our flowers.

We always leave time for playtime.

Scooter time…

We celebrated Lag Baomer with the Sunflowers class.

The children got to meet the butterflies in their class too.

Have a good Shabbos. See you next Tuesday.

Morah Kerry and Morah Deena

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Gan Tziporim Say Goodbye to Our Painted Ladies

P is for Panda! And pumpkin, pillow, picture, peanut, and pizza.  There has been practice in writing the upper and lower case “Pp” and working on establishing an understanding of the phonetic sound of the letter.  We don’t know if it’s because of the pizza, but this letter seems to have made an impression.

Hebrew continues with the letter Tzadi.  Morah Yafit has almost completed the entire alef bet and the children will have a lovely book to use as a reference resource at home.  the vocabulary taught for the letter Tzadi were: tzitzit, turtle – tzav, and bird-tzipor.

We hung our completed caterpillars and spring leaves (some with butterfly eggs), onto our classroom tree. We are so happy with the lovely spring effect it brings to our room.  Anything connected with nature and the outdoors is always appreciated by both students and teachers alike!




Gan Tziporim were fortunate to have the opportunity to observe two sets of caterpillars metamorphosize into butterflies.  One set was already set free last week, with the exception of one butterfly that could not seem to leave the cage.  The second set of caterpillars, that were a little behind in maturity, had formed into chrysalises last week.  We noticed that the chrysalises were darkening by the end of the week.  That is a sign that they would soon emerge as butterflies.  When we returned to class on Monday, we had five butterflies fluttering around their cage.  We soon realized that they were ready to be set free.  We took the five butterflies outside, plus the one left-over butterfly, and said goodbye.  The five, in quick succession, took off into the sky.  Our little left-over butterfly settled on one of the flowers […]

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The Sunflowers know that the ocean is blue

The Sunflowers are loving our unit on UNDER THE SEA.  They literally put their entire bodies into it especially their hands and feet.  Feeling the cold squishy paint between their fingers or toes was so much fun.  The children had a wonderful time. Their facial expressions as they placed their feet into the paint and spread it over the paper was priceless.  They couldn’t believe it was ok to do this.  Clean up was even more fun.  Stepping into a bucket filled with water was cool.  The kids had a blast washing their hands and feet in this bucket.  Morah Pam of course supervised and was quite impressed that we did not make a mess.  Our underwater creatures are coming along.  Starfish, octopus, and jellyfish were so much fun to make.  Each fish was made out of a different material and decorated with a different texture.


Spring is here and the children enjoyed making a flower with tissue paper.  The children could either scrunch up the tissue paper or lay it flat over the flower.  The amount of focus and concentration that the children put into this activity was amazing along with showing great dexterity.

The rain stopped and the children were able to go outside and play.  Running around and playing games with each other was an incredible sight to see.  Their imaginations are never ending.

Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom.

Morah Pam and Morah Debra

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Caterpillars and more in the Butterfly class (Toddlers)

The children are showing such fascination with our caterpillar exploration. They looked at our wall to see the pictures that are hung up of the process of how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. They then check on our real caterpillars to see if there are any changes. Our classroom caterpillars are currently in the chrysalis state. Using modeling clay the children formed their very own caterpillars by rolling out pieces on the table. Then they took another piece and looked at the picture on the wall to see what the chrysalis state looked like and created their own chrysalis out of modeling clay by bending a snake-like looking creation. Our last step was to create a butterfly using a flat piece of modeling clay. We used our very strong muscles to press down on a butterfly cookie cutter to shape it. Our modeling clay needs time to dry before we finish our masterpiece.


The children even tried to shape their caterpillar into the letter J and held it vertically, just like they observed the real caterpillars doing inside the enclosure.


Happy third birthday to our friend Chana. We gave tzedakah and took turns putting it in her special tzedakah box that she brought from her house. We sang Happy Birthday, ate delicious cupcakes, and gave Chana the special treasure chest that we all decorated for her .

We baked a cake and decorated a special picture frame for Morah Sherry’s Goodbye Party. The whole school joined us in celebrating Morah Sherry becoming a grandmother. Morah Sherry showed us pictures of her granddaughter. All the children took turns hugging her and saying goodbye.

We loved feeling the warm weather while we played on the slides, dug in the […]

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