Members of Suburban Torah are invited to rent our Social Hall and other areas of the Synagogue building for various private events, including ceremonies, receptions, meetings and recitals. The following is the current list of per diem rental charges for our
members (for individual events lasting up to five hours):

Social Hall* $600
Front Atrium* $500
Upstairs Library* $100
Sanctuary $200
Kitchen $350
Janitorial Services
(mandatory for each event)


Please contact Karen at the Synagogue office for more details.
Non-members who wish to rent our social hall or other areas of the Synagogue building should contact the Synagogue office at 973-994-2620 (extension 221).

All food and beverages provided at or in connection with each event must be prepared and served in strict accordance with the laws of kashrus (i.e., consistent with the religious rules and regulations of Orthodox Judaism). All such food will be subject to
inspection and approval by the Va’ad Hakashrus of Metrowest and/or any other rabbinical organization or rabbi designated by the Synagogue.

* A member who rents the Social Hall, Front Atrium or Upstairs Library during two separate days over a single weekend will be charged just once for use of the kitchen and once for janitorial services. A member who rents the Social Hall for up to two hours only (e.g., for a birthday party or bris milah) will be charged $250.