Our First Full Week Begins – Gan Parparim (Toddlers)

Finally, the first full week of school! And David’s 2nd birthday celebration!

We began the week with music time. First we talked about how instruments make different sounds and this is called music. The children then eagerly tried out all the instruments – cymbals, bells, shakers, banjos and tambourines. It was very interesting to watch what they did with the instruments: first, most of children shook them and heard what sound they made, then they turned them over and over in their hands and shook some more, used the table as a drum, and marched around the room. It’s clear the children love music and moving to music and we will be exploring different ways to make sounds with traditional and non-traditional instruments and fun ways to move our bodies.

David is 2! We celebrated with a class party on Tuesday where David was joined by his parents and baby sister Julia. Birthdays are always very special and at IBECC they are more so because the whole class participates in creating and participating in the celebration. The children took turns helping to made the fruit salad, the special birthday snack. David, together with his friends, decorated his birthday crown with stickers. The class also presented David with a treasure box that they decorated with dot dots and stickers. We know that David will fill this box with lots of treasures at home.

The Exploration Room is just that — a room with endless possibilities.

More to come on Friday!

Morah Sherry and Morah Blimie


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Hashem Is Everywhere and Welcome Aryeh — Gan Parparim (Toddlers)

The chagim are now a wonderful memory. And now it’s time to settle into a regular routine.

We began on Wednesday by reacquainting the children with our arrival practice of putting lunch boxes in the lunchbox basket and water bottles on their special shelf. Understanding how toddlers thrive on routine, we are working on creating a pictorial daily schedule that we will introduce to the children next week and review daily. This will help to reinforce the daily routine while making the children more independent.

We are thrilled to welcome Aryeh Aminoff, the newest member of our class. He and the rest of his family moved to Livingston last month. The children were very sweet, introducing him to all the toys and games they play.

This week we’ve observed that puzzles, especially animal puzzles, are increasingly popular. It’s fascinating to watch how the different children approach puzzle play. Asher names the animal and makes its sound when he puts a puzzle together. Ethan holds up each piece and giggles. Daniela puts the animal pieces in a line. The sand table is a treasure trove of sensory and imaginative play. David and Elisheva pretend the sand is rain. Cars, trucks, and trains migrate from the toy shelves and get buried and unburied by shell shovels and spoons. Cakes are made. Sand is poured from one bowl to another.


Our theme for this week, and continuing next week, is Creation in its many forms. Creation of the world, creation of a classroom of friends who share and play together, and creation of works of art and sculpture. We talked about Hashem, how much He loves us, and how He is everywhere.  To make this concept more concrete, […]

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We Love Preschool–Gan Parparim (aka Toddlers)

The first few days of school have been filled with discoveries. A new classroom and toys to explore, new and old friends to play with, books to read. Playing in the kitchen is a big hit, especially with the real-life bowls and utensils. All of the children love to set the table, share “food” with their friends, and offer us Morahs delicious creations they have made. The children also love building towers with the Legos (and laughing when they fall down). They are constantly using their imaginations, dreaming up ways to using the furniture as play spaces. Mazali loves lining up the animals on top of the cubbies and Ethan loves cooking in the kitchen.

They are very busy!


It has also been a time to explore the outdoor play areas. The children are testing out their climbing skills on the jungle gym in the playground and learning how quickly they can slide down the slides. Elisheva and Dovid like holding a Morah’s hand when they slide down. The outdoor classroom was a revelation–so much to do. Wash the kitchen with sponges, blow bubbles, test drive the cars lined along the fence and, of course, dig in the dirt – a great sensory experience and David’s favorite.

The best art is messy! Look at these hands! A great experience in the feel of paint; was it cold or hot, was it hard or squishy, and what beautiful creations can we make? On Thursday we moved into the Art Room to create a card welcoming David’s new baby sister. A heartfelt Mazal Tov to the whole family. This time, the children stood as they painted so they were able to get a different perspective. Elisheva and Daniela had […]

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Bringing the Outdoors Inside in the Butterflies

The children enjoy being outdoors so we try to spend as much time as possible outside. They love to explore the different areas of our park and find the little treasures that nature shares with us. They collect all different types of sticks and stones and make piles and designs on the ground. they love to use the magnifying glasses to look more closely at their discoveries. And we love to hear them use language to describe what they see!!

We decided to collect some of these items and make them into a mural for inside our school. They really enjoyed planning out on the large mural paper where they would put each treasure. And boy did they have fun with the glue! They loved using pine branches and acorns and the other items to actually paint the glue onto the paper and then to hold the branches and items in place. What a great time we all had!


We finished up our top secret Mother’s Day presents and baked challah for Shabbat.
Have a happy Mother’s Day! Your children loved telling us over and over how much they love their mommies!! They worked with so much love on the gifts they prepared for you and we know are so excited to show you their creations!!!

We had so much fun preparing our Mother’s Day gifts that the children wanted to know when we were going to make something for our fathers too. Guess what? Father’s Day is coming up pretty soon! We collected rocks outside and began creating something special just for them.

Shabbat Shalom!


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Apple explorations in the Butterfly class

On Thursday we came into the classroom and remembered what to do – the first thing is to hang up our jacket and backpack and put our water bottle on the shelf. Then we go right to the green rug for circle time. After we sang our davening songs, we learned that Rosh Hashana is coming! We do so many things on Rosh Hashana so that we’ll have a sweet new year. One of the things we do is dip apples in honey because they’re so sweet and delicious. We sang “Dip the Apple in the Honey” as we passed around two apples to touch and feel. We noticed that one was green and one was red and they were very smooth. We also looked at a picture of an apple tree and compared it to the tree in our classroom. Something is missing from our tree – apples!

We put on our smocks and dot painted apple shapes with red, green, and yellow dot paints. We said “dot dot dot dot” while we painted and made some very realistic looking designs. Come see our apple tree!

At snack time we had the chance to choose to taste red or green apples. Some children decided not to have any, but lots of children had seconds and thirds! It was so sweet and crunchy. Noam liked the green apple. Maggie liked the green one too. She said it tasted good. Liat liked the red kind, and Yair liked both. Izzy said the green one tasted like apple.

Friday’s Shabbat celebrations were so exciting!! First, we went to the shul for a singalong with all […]

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Getting Ready for the Seder in the Butterflies

Here’s a little peek at our seder preparations. We learned about the seder plate and each part of the seder through hands on explorations. The children were really excited to set up a seder table in our classroom. We’ve been using it each day.

We squeezed grapes to make grape juice, set the seder table, we sang the Mah Nishtanah, we leaned, we broke matzah and loved making it and eating it!! We sang Dayenu, we ate a special sandwich in honor of Rabbi Hillel and even practiced bentching!!

We are almost ready!!

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The Butterflies made their own grape juice!

We know that we drink 4 cups of grape juice or wine at the seder, so we decided to get hands on with it and make our own.
We really enjoyed exploring the grapes. We used our intrinsic muscles in our hands to squeeze out the juice. We noticed that it wasn’t purple like the grape juice that comes from a bottle and wondered why. It felt sticky on our fingers but looked like water! So interesting.

Then we practiced making kiddush before snack. We are getting ready for the seder every day!

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We Love Reading! at IBECC

Reading aloud with children is important. Begin exposed to reading gives children specific advantages such as basic speech skills, better communication skills, and logical thinking skills, in addition to building a stronger relationship between parent/teacher and the child.

​ Reading together gives both participants the opportunity to share with each other new worlds and experiences, chances to question and wonder together.

All the children enjoyed creating their own Book Swap Market. They brought gently used books into school from their own libraries, sorted the books into categories and then had the chance to “purchase” new books to bring home. The children really enjoyed each stage, from the set up and sorting to taking turns with the cash register and paying. What a great way to love literacy with a dash of math!


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The cutest snuggly Butterflies!

We had such a fun and cozy Pajama Hibernation Day!

Coming to school in our pajamas made us feel even more at home and relaxed than usual. The children really saw the humor in wearing them out of the house – they were commenting about it and laughing together at all the Morahs wearing pajamas too. It sure was funny and out of the ordinary! We had a really great time together comparing all the different pajamas and seeing who was wearing similar colors and patterns.

We made delicious pancakes to eat. Breakfast in school in our pajamas – what could be better? The children are experts at cooking together by now. Their proficient cooking skills are impressive as they count and pour each ingredient into the bowl so carefully and mix them all into a smooth batter.

Look at these cute concentrating faces.

Then we watched the pancakes cook. When they had bubbles on one side, we knew they were ready to flip. We saw them turn from a thin batter into pancakes!

While they cooked we hibernated with the bears. (And Zachary’s chipmunk.)

At lunch we ate our pancakes. They were gobbled up so fast we didn’t take any pictures. 🙂 They were yummy – it’s fun to eat the things we cook!

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Dreidels and candles and oil, oh my!

We’ve been discovering some very cool things this week!

We used Chanukah candles to paint with. Did you know that if you use the wick as a paintbrush, it makes small thin strokes? It’s also fun to roll the candle in the paint and then on the paper – it gets our fingers all painty and colorful. We chose to use either a blue or white paper and painted with the colors of the flames on a Menorah – red, orange, and yellow.

These will be hanging in our back lobby upstairs soon – please come check out our wonderful Chanukah art exhibition!

Continuing our oil explorations, we filled up a big bin with water and put some dreidels inside. We really enjoyed seeing that some dreidels floated to the top and some sank to the bottom.

The next day we added a little oil to the water and saw that it became bubbly. The oil also floated in a layer on top of the water. Then we chose two colors of food coloring to drip in – blue and yellow – and guess what happened? The oil and water turned green! It was a very interesting experiment. 

We’re learning how to play dreidel! We love singing “I have a little dreidel” while spinning the dreidels and seeing which letter they land on each time – nun, gimmel, hey, or shin. It’s kind of tricky to hold it between our thumbs and pointer fingers and spin it so smoothly but we’re trying our best.

We also created a multi-textured collaborative sticky collage together.

And last but not least, here’s this cute picture guaranteed to make you smile:

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