We had such a great year in the Butterfly class!

It was so nice having so many mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, babysitters, and friends join us for our end of year party. We loved having the chance to do a painting activity with all of our visitors, and to share a Shabbat party with you too. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to celebrate with us.

It’s sad that the year is ending but so special to think about all the experiences we had together and the many ways the children have grown. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Have a wonderful summer!


By |June 15, 2018|

Sledding and spraying in the Butterfly class

We brought a sled outside and have been using our gross motor skills to give each other rides around the playground. It’s so much fun to take turns riding and pulling. We also enjoyed digging dirt and filling the sled up. Another big hit was spray bottles that we filled up with water and used to spray the trees, leaves, ground, and everything else except people!

We got a new light table and explored it in our dark classroom. The light shone through the colorful pieces.

Thank you to Zachary’s and Liat’s mothers for doing a special BabyBOP class for us! We had so much fun with you!

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Outside painting in the Butterfly class

We loved painting outside a few weeks ago and decided to do it again! We brought out a big sheet of paper, watercolors, paintbrushes, and cups of water and had so much fun. Some children even used their fingers to paint. With so many activities to do outside, we’ve been spending more and more time out in the beautiful weather instead of in the classroom.

We also enjoyed music with Morah Jill this week. Look at all these extra happy faces!

We did some stretching and yoga too.

And the children are still loving the Nature Room and all the play options there. The sand, cars, water table, kitchen area, and library give everyone the chance to do their favorite activities.

By |June 5, 2018|

We’ve grown so much in the Butterfly class!

It’s hard to believe we have less than two weeks left of school! The children are still enjoying their favorite activities and playing with their friends every day. This week we revisited our height chart and did new measurements for everyone. See how the green ribbons are all taller than the blue ones? It’s amazing how much everyone has grown since January!


By |June 4, 2018|

Another fun week in the Butterflies!

We had so much fun this week painting outside, eating snack outside, making giant bubbles, and making pinwheels for Memorial Day. See you on Tuesday!




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We had butterflies in the Butterfly Class!

Our butterflies came out of their chrysalises this week! We fed them sugar water and watched them fly around their habitat.

They like to have a lot of space to fly around, so we decided to let them go outside. We opened the net and saw them fly away. One of them didn’t want to leave! He even sat on Morah Chavie’s finger before he flew off with the others. It was so exciting to see. We said, “Bye, butterflies!”

We finished our Shavuot preparations by planting flowers in our paper mache flower pots. We also planted real flowers outside in our garden! We dug holes and put the flowers inside the ground.

We learned that on Shavuot we eat lots of dairy food. We made lasagna as a special Shavuot treat. We layered noodles, sauce, and cheese until the pan was full. It’s going to be yummy after it’s baked!

Have a very happy Shavuot! See you on Tuesday!


By |May 22, 2018|

Shavuot preparations in the Butterfly Class

We used the cups that we paper mache’d last week to create flower pots for Shavuot. We painted them brown like mountains and added flowers and leaves to remind us of Har Sinai. We are going to plant flowers inside the cups and it will be a beautiful centerpiece for your Shavuot table!


On Shavuot we got the Torah from Hashem. Moshe went up on Har Sinai and got the Luchot, the two stone tablets, which have the Aseret Hadibrot – the Ten Commandments – on them.  We read a book called the Ten Good Rules and learned about each one. We counted from 1 to 10 as we read each page. Then we made a project with fingerprints for each commandment – one fingerprint for the first one, two for the second, and so on. It was good counting practice!

Rabbi Rosenblum came and showed us how a real Torah is made. We saw how they sew the pieces together to make the parchment, and then use special ink to write the letters. If even one letter is messed up, the Torah can’t be used! We got a chance to use a real feather to write the Alef Bet.


By |May 17, 2018|

Enjoying every minute outside in the Butterflies

We went outside to the playground right after arrival one day and enjoyed playing outside for a while before going in. It was too nice to be inside! The flowers have bloomed and we are also noticing many sights and sounds like the garbage truck across the street and dogs walking by the playground. It’s fun to watch these things happening! The Fedex man always honks his horn and waves to us when he drives by. There is so much to see when we’re outside.

We explored paper mache with flour, glue, and newspaper. Some children really liked getting messy!

Here’s another sneak peek of our Mother’s Day gifts. We can’t wait to surprise you!

By |May 10, 2018|

Preparing for a Lag Ba’omer Bonfire in the Butterflies

Our caterpillars are so big! We’ve been checking on them every day. This week when we looked at them we were surprised to see how big they got. They were so tiny and now they’re big and fat! They’ve been eating all their food and they’re almost ready to go into their chrysalises.

We made a big chrysalis to hang on the wall with our egg on a leaf and our caterpillar collage. We glued strips of paper around a bottle and added layers until it looked like a chrysalis. Then we painted it brown. We’re going to hang it on a stick just like a real chrysalis!

We started learning about Lag Ba’omer. A long time ago, there was a Rabbi named Rabbi Akiva who was a teacher who had so many students. The only problem was, they weren’t very nice to each other. On Lag Ba’omer we remember that we have to have Ahavat Yisrael and be nice to all our friends. In honor of Lag Ba’omer, many people make bonfires. We’re going to have a real bonfire in school this Thursday! We made a practice bonfire with toilet paper tubes for the sticks and tissue paper for the fire. We learned how to make a pyramid shape with the sticks and build the fire on top of them. This fire was pretend, so we could touch it, but when we make our real bonfire we’ll make sure to stay far back!

When we went outside, we collected sticks to have for the real bonfire. We can’t wait to roast marshmallows!


We had a great music class with Morah Jill! […]

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From an egg to a butterfly in the Butterfly class

So many new things happen in nature in the spring. We’ve been finding lots of exciting things outside like dandelions and little pink flower petals, and we’ve been listening for the chirping birds and noticing little bugs all over the playground. We talked about the fact that bugs live outside. When we play in the playground, we’re visiting their home! We’ve been on the lookout for an anthill but haven’t found one yet. We also played hopscotch, drew with chalk, and climbed trees.

We continued our caterpillar explorations by learning about their life cycle. We read the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. The children already love it and ask for it to be read every day. In the book, there is a tiny egg that is stuck to a leaf, and a caterpillar comes out from it. It eats and eats – some foods that are good for it and some foods that give it a stomachache – and gets bigger and bigger until it’s ready to make its chrysalis. It sleeps in there for 2 weeks and then it comes out as a butterfly! We noticed that our caterpillars have eaten a lot of their food and gotten bigger since we got them. We wonder when they’ll make their chrysalises.

After learning about the life cycle, we made a giant leaf collage. We also painted paper towel tubes to make chrysalises, and butterflies that can come out of it. To make the butterflies, we colored coffee filters with markers and then sprayed water on it. The water made the color spread!


Shabbat Shalom!

By |April 27, 2018|