We have caterpillars in the Butterfly class!

It’s really spring! It’s warm and sunny outside and the birds are chirping. In honor of spring we got a visitor in our classroom. Actually, 5 of them. Can you guess what they are?

Caterpillars! We were so excited to see the cup with 5 tiny caterpillars in it. We saw the food on the bottom and watched them move and eat a little. We know that they will eat all their food and get bigger and bigger, and then go into a chrysalis. They’ll sleep in there and when they come out, they’ll be butterflies!

Some children had some questions and comments about the caterpillars.

“Pink on it?”

“They will grow the chrysalis.”

“Brown food.”

“The chrysalis opens.”

“Not bigger yet!”

“Open the tank. No, silly.”

“They move up and down.”

“Eat more?”

We sang a butterfly song and flew around like butterflies.

We made a spring collage of insects shapes on a big butterfly.

And of course we’ve been playing outside a lot! It’s so nice to go out without coats and hats.



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We had a great trip to Israel in the Butterflies!

After preparing and learning about each city in Israel, it was finally time to board the plane for our big trip! We lined up and found our seats on the plane. The pilot flew us safely all the way there! On the way, we had a snack and took a little rest.

When we got to Israel, our first stop was the Kotel. We davened and wrote notes to Hashem.

Then we traveled to Tzfat to check out the beautiful art gallery. It was full of art that we made! There were finger paint masterpieces, chalk drawings, and collages.

After that, we took the bus to Tel Aviv and enjoyed a delicious ice cream treat at the ice cream shop. We also ate yummy Israeli salad.

The last stop was Eilat, where we played on the beach in the sand and water.

The day finished with a parade together with the Sunflower class. The Rabbi played songs on his guitar while we danced with our flags. It was so much fun!


We’ll be sending home a book with even more pictures!

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From Yerushalayim to Tzfat in the Butterflies

We continued our Israel explorations with a trip to the Kotel. We looked at a picture of the Kotel and saw lots of bricks and grass in between them. We used sponges to stamp with brown paint and each made a brick to add to the Kotel in our classroom. The Kotel is the only part left of the Beit Hamikdash, so it’s very special. We learned that people go there to daven to Hashem and say thank you for all the things He does for them. People write notes to put in the wall with messages for Hashem. When we take our trip to Israel on Thursday, we’re going to put our own notes in. We also built part of the wall with wooden blocks.

Our Tel Aviv ice cream shop is ready for business! We set it up with bowls, cones, and the different flavor scoops of ice cream that we made last week. We have a cash register and ice cream scoopers and the children enjoyed ordering ice cream and checking out the paying customers. The Sunflower class even came to buy some ice cream, as did Morah Rachelle.

We also made our own real homemade ice cream by putting the ingredients – milk, sugar, and vanilla – in a ziploc bag and putting that bag in another bag with ice and salt. We shook it up and eventually, it turned into ice cream!

In Eilat we loved playing in the sand and the water.

We can’t wait for our big trip coming up!

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Israel, here we come! in the Butterflies

Israel’s birthday is coming up! We are excited to celebrate this by learning about many special things about Israel. We read a story called Ella’s Trip to Israel, where Ella and her family fly on an airplane all the way to Israel. We wondered if she took a nap on the plane, or ate snacks. When they landed at the airport, they traveled all around from Yerushalayim to Tel Aviv to Eilat to Tzfat. It sounded like so much fun that we decided to plan a trip just like this! Next week, in honor of Yom Ha’atzmaut, we will be taking a pretend trip to Israel to experience all of the special places and sights. We began our preparations for the trip by painting our airplane.

We learned about the flag of Israel. Each country has its own flag and we looked at pictures of so many different ones. We saw a picture of the Israeli flag – it’s blue and white and has a star in the middle. We looked around the room and found many blue and white things. In Hebrew, we say “kachol v’lavan” – blue and white. We each made a flag to use at our parade next week.



A yummy treat that many people eat in Israel is ice cream! The children were very excited to help make an ice cream parlor for our classroom so we can scoop and serve ice cream to all our friends. We used bubble wrap to stamp with to create the cones, and then dipped styrofoam balls in different “flavors” to make the ice cream scoops.

We have also continued our spring classroom transformation by adding birds and […]

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Spring is here in the Butterflies

We’re back from Pesach vacation and on to the next thing! We learned about counting the omer between Pesach and Shavuot until Hashem gives us the Torah. We decided to make a collaborative painting with dot paint and we will add a sticker to the chart every day as we count. We love counting so this will be a real treat each day!!

It’s spring! It’s still a little chilly outside but we hope it will warm up soon so the flowers can bloom. We made collages with tissue paper in different spring colors to hang in our classroom, as well as flowers to hang on our tree. Our trees have more colorful buds on them than the ones we saw outside!!

One day during snack some of the children decided to explore their food with a magnifying glass. The Cheerios looked really big!

After an extended winter, we are excited to be able to play outside again every day. We even brought the outside in with slices and stumps of a tree they cut down from the playground. So much fun!

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Ready for a very happy Pesach! in the Butterflies

After a lot of preparation, we are all ready for Pesach!

We cleaned our classroom and scrubbed the tables, chairs, walls, and mirror. Then we learned about bedikat chametz and checked everywhere with a feather, a candle, and a spoon. We also used a flashlight so we could see better in the dark. We found pretend pieces of chametz and scooped them with our feathers onto our spoons and into the bag. The children were so excited for this treasure hunt and found all the chametz!


We remembered everything we learned about the seder at our mock seder today. We love doing activities together with the Sunflower class! We made kiddush, ate matzah, dipped karpas in salt water, and ate a yummy meal. The table was covered with a beautiful tablecloth we decorated ourselves. King Pharoah even visited and sang songs with us, and the Sunflowers put on a special play of the Pesach story.

The children made beautiful contributions to your family seder! We hope you enjoy the haggadah, kiddush cup, washing cup, afikomen bag, and pillowcase we sent home.

Chag Sameach everyone!

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A fun week in the Butterflies

Despite the fact that we were only in school for 3 days this week, we managed to do a lot and have a lot of fun!

We all enjoyed the matzah bakery with Rabbi Rosenblum. We remembered making matzah in our classroom and knew that we had to put in flour and water and make it in only 18 minutes. After grinding real wheat kernels into flour, we helped pour in the water and the Rabbi mixed it all up. Then we each got a piece of dough and rolled it flat. When it came out of the oven, it was really matzah! We ate it for snack time and it was yummy.


We also had an obstacle course set up in our gym. We crawled through the tunnel, slid on our tummies on scooters, and more. It was so much fun and great for our gross motor skills!



We ended off the week as usual by singing with Rabbi Mischel. We love dancing and singing in the shul!


Have a great Shabbos! See you on Monday for some last Pesach activities.

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Seder Explorations in the Butterflies

We’ve been practicing for the seder and getting familiar with each of the objects and foods that we use and eat on Pesach. We learned all about the seder plate and each item that is on it.

Our favorite activity is pouring grape juice for kiddush for everyone in the class.

We eat bitter marror to remind us that the Jews worked so hard. We held, smelled, and even tasted a real horseradish root. It didn’t taste so good at all.

We learned that we dip two times at the seder. The first thing we dip is the karpas in salt water. Some people use parsley and some people use potatoes or other vegetables. We made salt water together and then dipped parsley and ate it. The salt water reminds us of the tears the Jewish people cried when they were working so hard in Mitzrayim. We also used parsley to paint with.

For the beitzah, the egg, we each practiced cracking an egg and then made scrambled eggs. They were yummy! We know that at the seder, we dip an egg in salt water just like the karpas.


The charoset is made with apples, pears, nuts, and wine or grape juice. The children all helped cut up the fruit and mix it together. It looked just like the cement the Jews made bricks out of in Mitzrayim. We also made our own buildings with brick blocks and sang “bang bang bang bang your hammers low” as we worked.

For the chazeret, the children had a chance to taste a lettuce leaf. At the seder we use it for marror too, as well as the […]

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Kiddush, Matzah, and More in the Butterflies

We have been super busy getting ready for Pesach! Here is a first peek at some of the activities and explorations we’ve been doing every day.

We learned that at the seder on Pesach we drink 4 cups of grape juice. As all the children are familiar with kiddush and grape juice from Shabbat, they were very excited to make their own grape juice by hand! We used our finger muscles to squeeze the grapes. We noticed that the juice wasn’t purple like the grape juice that comes from a bottle, but it still tasted yummy. It would take a lot of grapes to make enough juice for so many cups of kiddush!

We always say borei pri hagafen before we drink our grape juice.

We decided to use grape juice to create a special seder object – an afikomen bag. We rolled up the pieces of material and put rubber bands on it so we could tie-dye it. We remembered that we tie-dyed shirts for Thanksgiving a few months ago and were excited to do it again.

We also have been learning all about matzah. We talked about challah and that when it bakes, it gets big and puffy and soft. Why does that happen? We remembered the ingredients we put into challah dough – flour, eggs, oil, sugar, salt, water, and yeast. The yeast is what makes the challah rise. We did an interesting experiment to show what that means. We had two water bottles. In one of them we put yeast, sugar, and warm water. In the other one we put only water – because in matzah, there is no yeast or sugar, only flour and water. […]

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The chicks are here! in the Butterflies

We were so excited to come in to school this morning and see 5 little baby chicks in the incubator! We’ve been checking on them every day and they finally hatched! They are so cute and small. We used one finger to gently touch their feathers – they’re soft too. We also saw one of the shells that they hatched out of. We watched them in their bin for a little while and saw that they were cuddled together to stay warm and making little chirping sounds.

Later on we visited them again and found one more chick that just hatched! It was fresh out of its shell so we left it there to get dry and warm.


Back in our classroom we did some yoga poses and stretches, pretending to be chicks.


What an exciting thing to happen in school! We can’t wait to see how they change over the next few days!

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