The eggs are here! and last minute Purim prep in the Butterflies

After painting our graggers, each child chose the beads they liked to put inside. Our gragger is going to be double duty – it’s also our megillah case! We hope you enjoy the Purim projects we’ll be sending home.

Morah Jill came and we had a great music class with her and sang lots of fun Purim songs. We loved twirling the graggers and using the parachute.

We are so excited that we’ll be hatching chicks over the next 2 weeks. The farmer brought the incubator with the eggs and he also brought two grown chickens for us to see. They made pretty loud noises and showed us their feathers. The farmer taught us how to take care of the eggs and make sure they stay warm. Next week, we hope that the chicks will hatch! We are checking on them every day.

Chaya Feiga brought in a toy chicken that day so we enjoyed passing it around and making chicken noises.

As we observed the eggs, the children made some comments.

“Where’s the farmer?”

“I want to see the eggs.”

“There’s food for the chicks.”

“The eggs are orange brown.”

“There’s a number on the egg.”

“There’s chicks in there!”

And last but not least, some happy outside faces.


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Hamantashen Making in the Butterflies

The children were so excited to finally make hamantashen! First we made the dough together and mixed all the ingredients in a big bowl. We measured flour, sugar, baking powder, oil, sugar, eggs, and vanilla. We mixed it up and put it in the fridge until the next day.

Then we each got a piece. We remembered that the first shape we need to make is a circle, so we flattened our dough into circles. Then each child got to choose what kind of filling they wanted – cherry or chocolate. They put the filling in the middle of the dough and folded up the sides to make a triangle shape. Then they pinched the corners so it would stay. They looked just like Haman’s hat!

We can’t wait to send them home in our Mishloach Manot for Purim next week.

And here are some other pictures from the week. We’ve been having a lot of fun with finger paint, gears, playdough, and trains as well as dress up.

Shabbat Shalom!

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What beautiful weather this is! in the Butterflies

We have been really enjoying this spring-like weather. The children were so excited to run around outside!


Thank you to Nathan’s mother for reading to us for library time!

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Eating the rainbow and more in the Butterfly Class

The other day we noticed that our snack was triangle shaped! Perfect for Purim!

We also made a fun and healthy rainbow snack. We had fruits and vegetables of every color – strawberries, oranges, carrots, yellow pepper, cucumber, and blueberries. The children loved eating all the colors. One child said, “More rainbow please!”


The children loved the new palace scene that was set up complete with a throne for the king. We are continuing to practice the Purim story with puppets and dress up.


We began making our gragger for Purim! We can shake it when we hear Haman’s name during the Megillah reading, and it will even double as a Megillah case. We each chose a bright color to paint our Pringles can with as the first step.

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Dress up fun in the Butterfly Class

We learned that Achashverosh lived in a big palace in Shushan and so we have been building palaces out of different materials. Some children built with blocks and magnatiles.

We took the boxes we painted silver and gold and set up a palace wall around us. We were in Shushan! The children loved dressing up in all the interesting costumes and pretending to be Achashverosh, Queen Esther, Vashti, Mordechai, and Haman.

We made a circle and triangle collage in preparation for making hamantashen next week. Hamantashen are triangle shaped, but before you fold them up, they’re circles! We’re finding shapes everywhere and learning to recognize them.

We also have been practicing with scissors. It’s great for our fine motor practice and the children love seeing their handiwork.

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Colors, shapes and more in the Butterfly Class

We have a new friend in our class! Welcome, Shalom Nissim! We are so glad you have come to join us!!

We continued our Purim activities by beginning to create a castle to turn our classroom into a scene from Shushan. We painted boxes with silver and gold as the first step.


Meanwhile, we’ve also been learning about health and hygiene. We read a book about germs and how we have to be careful to wash our hands and sneeze and cough into our elbows so the germs don’t spread. We saw a silly demonstration of germs spraying everywhere – Morah Kerry pretended to sneeze while she sprayed water from a spray bottle across the room. Yuck! Then she covered her face with her elbow while she sneezed. No germs spread that way! Everyone thought that was very funny.


We’ve been working on our colors and shapes too. We’re in the process of making a collage for each color. So far we did red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. We also played a fun matching game where we had to match the shapes and colors.


Another fun thing we did was measure each person in our class with ribbon against the wall. We can see how tall everyone is and we can’t wait to see how much we grow by the end of the year.

Thank you to Daniela’s mother for reading to us during library time this week.

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Hurray! Purim is coming! in the Butterfly class

Although it’s not quite the month of Adar yet, we already jumped right into learning about Purim. We loved seeing a puppet show of the story of Purim and learning all about each person in the story – King Achashverosh, Vashti, Mordechai, Queen Esther, and Haman. After hearing the story, the children had a chance to play with the puppets and do a show of their own. They made Achashverosh say, “Vashti, come to my party!” and Vashti said, “No!” They thought about how the king must have felt – was he happy or sad that she didn’t come? They decided he was very sad. He was so sad and upset that he wanted a new queen instead of Vashti. We loved acting this out. We also practiced rolling up the toy megillah that we have.


We also learned about Haman, who was not nice to the Jewish people. When we hear Haman’s name when we read the megillah, we have to make a lot of noise! The children practiced making noise when they heard Haman’s name and being quiet when they heard anything else. After we did that, we went to the table and explored many materials that make different sounds. We put the different things inside containers, put the lids on, and shook them to hear the way it sounded. Some sounded loud and some were quieter – we even tried shaking cotton and guess what? It didn’t make any sound at all!


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More Tu B’shvat fun in the Butterfly Class

After learning so much about Tu B’shvat, we celebrated with a special fruit party at snack time. We tasted yellow raisins, prunes, olives, and dates. We read books about trees and all the things they do for us. It was delicious and fun!

We also planted parsley plants in little terra cotta pots. First, we used a shovel to scoop a little dirt in. Then we added seeds and more dirt on top. After that, the children each had a chance to water their plant with a spray bottle. We are going to put a picture of each child on their pot so they can watch theirs grow!


Last but not least, in honor of Groundhog Day, we experimented with shadows in the Exploration Room. We love to use the projector and see our big shadows on the wall!

Have a good Shabbos!

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Tu B’Shevat in the Butterfly Class

Tu B’shvat is here! We’ve been learning about trees and getting ready for a special Tu B’shvat fruit tasting party on Wednesday.

We touched a real tree branch. The brown bark felt bumpy and rough on our fingers. Together we created a forest on our window sill. We each made a little tree by painting a toilet paper roll and making green leaves for the top.

We also made a big tree to decorate the art room wall. We painted the trunk and made handprints for the leaves.

Some other things we’ve been enjoying are the sand table, playdough, and playing with bouncy balls in the gym.


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Exploring every minute in the Butterfly Class

We’ve been having fun these last few days before vacation!

We did one last snowman activity – we each made a snowman bottle to take home. We chose which kind of bottle we wanted and then stuffed it with cotton. It was fun to poke the stuffing into the top. Then we drew on eyes, a mouth, nose, and buttons and glued a hat on top.

We also baked cookies.

Our puzzles, bikes, and Magnatiles have been popular too. We love to build tall towers with the Magnatiles and then knock them down, and look through them to see what color the room turns.

Have a great winter vacation!

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